How to Add Family Member to Amazon Prime

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Amazon Prime is the entertainment source, which provide the contents in terms of TV series and movies. This medium provides the contents in various languages. When you take subscription plan on Amazon Prime, you can get sharing option that you can share your plan with your family members. Let's see how you can add family members to Amazon Prime.

Steps to add family members to Amazon prime:

If you want to add family member, there is very simple option to sharing is giving your Amazon ID to him. The user can use your ID for sign in and that’s how he/she can watch contents on Prime.

On mobile devices, there is no function to share your prime subscription with family member. You can share your ID on the app and it will automatically registered.

You can add family member to Amazon Prime only on desktop and you can manage your sharing plan. Just see quick steps to understand the sharing subscription plan of Amazon Prime and learn that how you can add family members in it.

  1. Open the browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Open Amazon: Go to ‘Amazon’ on your browser.
  3. Click on down arrow to accounts and lists: Click on down arrow on accounts and lists option at the top right corner.
  4. Click on ‘your account’: Click on ‘your account’ option at the top.
  5. Select ‘manage your household’: Now select ‘manage your household’ option.
  6. Click on ‘add an adult’: A new tab will open. Choose the option ‘add an adult’. You can choose ‘add a child’ or ‘add a teen’ option as well according to your family member.
  7. Complete family member’s details: Complete the details of the user, you are adding in Amazon Prime. They can log in with their Amazon account. Click on edit option at every user to edit the details anytime.

That’s how you can add family members to Amazon prime. You can manage the plan easily.

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