How to Get NOC in Oman

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NOC is no-objection certificate. It issued by the current employer to their employees for switching from the current employer to another employer. NOC lets the companies have strong power over their employees. 

NOC law was passed on July 2014, which had an acute effect on the expats already working in the Sultanate of Oman. In this article, we are going to see the procedure for NOC in Oman. NOC in Oman

Government’s Opinion Polls  Employees at least have to serve a company for two years, as switching to the new company within the two-year period affects the investment that the company did on the worker. 

There was poll conducted by the government using Twitter and about 60% people supported the existence of NOC system.

Steps to Get NOC in Oman

The economy of Oman is affected by the short stay of the workers. So, they are expecting worker with longtime relationship. NOC in Oman may get refused for a worker who is not efficient in working for the company. 

Some tweaks are suggested by the officials to the procedure of getting NOC, they are

  • An employee who completed two years contract, don’t have to get NOC.
  • Whereas the employee who is trying to leave the current company for a new company within the contract of two years, he has to get NOC.

Company’s Exploitation At the same time, we have to ensure that companies do not use it as exploiting tool. If the NOC in Oman system is canceled, then employees will go from one company to another company becomes a threat to the old company. 

They may even start their own business to become a threat to the previously worked company. Giving NOC to the employees is solely based on the decision by the company. 

But many people seek the NOC systems to be stopped or amended to avoid exploitation by the companies. 

They require a system where equal chances are given to the employer and employee.  

Blue collar jobs Some people give the opinion that the rule has to be relaxed for blue collar workers who cannot approach the company’s management regarding the NOC. 

This NOC system has become a huge disadvantage for the individuals working in the Omani companies. 

Expats opinion Many expats are against the NOC system, as the expats working for the company for long time, cannot get the NOC from their company’s chief officials for no reasons. It leaves them no option but exit the country, which imposes two-year ban. 

Procedure to get NOC:

  1. First, ensure the two-year contract is finished. Otherwise, the company may refuse to give NOC in Oman. (In the middle of contract getting NOC is based on the company’s decision)
  2. Approach the Public Relationship officer of your company to get relieved from the company. Follow the procedure as he says.
  3. Serve the notice period.
  4. Get relieved from the company.
  5. After all the documents are processed collect the NOC from the company.

What happens when NOC is not given? 

If you are not given NOC, either you can return to your own country or you can continue to work in the same company. Issuing the NOC is at the discretion of the company, company decision cannot be interfered by any person outside the company. 

Can I extend my visa after leaving the country without NOC from the company? 

No, your visa will be banned for two years and until then you will not be able to return to Oman. The NOC in Oman is a benefit for the companies where expats work. 

NOC can be denied by a company if you are making a loss to the company. To avoid the ban on your visa, you better convince the company to give you NOC.


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