How to Obtain a Driving License in Oman

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Driving license is an important document to keep while riding vehicles. It is a punishable offense to driving without a valid license. If you want to apply for the driving license in Oman, you have to get appointment in Royal Oman Police(ROP) office. 

Officials of the Royal Oman Police(ROP) are very strict with their regulations. Many people get their driving license in multiple attempts like 10 times or more i.e. even for small mistakes the officials fail you. 

There are some people who get their license in the first attempt, whether it is Omani or an expat.

Steps to get Driving License in Oman

It takes about two days to get the appointment for the road test in Oman. No discrimination is shown whether it is Oman citizen or an expat. Most people fail because of, not giving indication while changing the lanes.

Eligibility & Document Needed

  1. The candidate has completed the age of 18. For heavy-duty vehicles, the candidate has to be more than 21 years of age.
  2. The applicant is not a handicap or lacking skills needed for the driving.
  3. Application form
  4. Passport size photographs
  5. Copies of the labor card and passport (Sponsor’s
  6. 5 OMR, payable with ATM card


There were exceptions for drum and slope test before the year 2015, but it is not availed to the candidates now. Foreigners are allowed to drive the vehicle on the road for three months after the entry with their nation’s license or international license. For this facility, your license has to be more than one year old.

 driving license in oman 

Select the trainer appropriately, with whom you can communicate well. Proper training ensures that you don’t fail in the examination.


Following tests are conducted for a candidate who is applying for the driving license. You have to pass every test to get your driving license. 

1. Eye vision test: You have to prove your eyes are perfect for handling drive by going for an eye test. 

2. Traffic Sign test: You have to pay the fee of 5 OMR to continue for traffic sign test. As the name suggests, you have to identify the traffic signs in the examination. The officer will sit before you, places a signboard before you and asks the details. driving license in oman

3. Drum test: You have to reverse drive between a set of drums without touching them. driving license in oman

4. Slope test: You have to drive on a slope without rolling back. 

5. Road test: This test will check your ability to drive while in between the traffic and this is a challenging one. Road tests take about 15 minutes. ROP officer will sit in the back seat and will instruct you. 

You have to closely hear what the ROP officer says, as disobeying leaves you the failure in the exam. You have to take turns on the left and right and stop at the places the officer says.

Important tips to pass the tests

  • Don’t put too much pressure on yourself
  • Avoid being nervous at the time of the test
  • Just feel relaxed with your instructor

We conclude that the procedure for getting the license is very strict. You have to get proper training in order to pass the test.

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