How to Obtain a Family Visa in Oman

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Family visa in Oman is given to the spouses of residents of Oman and their children below 21 years. Family visa is given on the request by the sponsor. It is valid for two years from the date of issue. Fee for the application of visa is OMR 20.

OMR 50 is applicable for the late renewal of visa. Sponsor is the one assuring the truthiness of the visa application. visa is available for the children of the employees, who are not aged more than 18 years, and also the brother and sisters of the employee who is having age below 18 years. 

The visa expires when the residential permit expires. All companies have Public Relationship Officers(PRO).

Family Visa in Oman

You can get the information from your company’s PRO. But many people face language issues with the PRO. If you face the same problem, better you get a translator to communicate with him.

family visa in oman

When the Oman government announced minimum salary of OMR 600 for family joining visa, many people left out of the country. Now the rules have been relaxed that expats getting a salary of OMR 300 can get join family visa. 

This will have effects on society and economy. This change of rule leaves people with a fear of increase in the cost of living and job loss. 

Wives and their children of an expat can apply for join family visa. Parents of the expat can also apply for join family visa, if they are unable to take care of themselves in their own country.

Documents needed

Following document are needed while you apply for a visa in Oman.

  1. Two passport size photographs.
  2. Bank statement of three months.
  3. Copy of the passport to whom a family visa is requested.
  4. Copy of residential card from the employee in Oman.
  5. Undertaking form, which is endorsed by the sponsor. If the age is below 15, this undertaking form will be exempted.
  6. Proof of family relationship, it is needed in the case of passport is not having the relationship mentioned in it, to get the family visa in Oman.
  7. For the wife taking visa, a marriage certificate is needed and it has to be endorsed by the embassy of the home country and Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MOFA) of Oman.
  8. Specimen signature.
  9. If the applications are not from the sponsor, Omani representative with an authorization is required by the Director General of Passport and Residence.
  10. Medical fitness certificate issued by the Ministry of Health. It is not needed or your kid.
  11. For a wife of an Omani national, a certificate from the Ministry of Interior confirming the certificate is needed.
  12. Attestation from the embassy and MOFA of Oman in the marriage certificate.
  13. Attestation of kid’s birth certificate, if you need to get a visa for your kid.

Procedure to get visa

  1. Hold the applicable documents as described before.
  2. visit the nearest ROP(Royal Oman Police) visa service.
  3. The applications will be processed. 

By getting the family visa in Oman, you can enjoy the life in Oman with your family. You must be aware of the renewal dates to avoid any fine imposed on you.

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