How to Disable Hangouts on Mobile

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Due to some insufficient storage or you are getting disturbed by the notification from hangouts again and again, It’s better to remove it. It will no longer appear in your application list. But if you don’t want to use the hangouts for sometime, you can sign-out from the app.

There are two options for that, you can permanently remove it or Sign-out from the app. We are going to discuss both the procedures in detail, that how we are going to disable it.

How to disable hangouts on Mobile

There are numbers of steps which is follow as:

  1. Open your Gmail app: Open your Gmail app in your android phone.
  2. Tap on menu-icon: On, the top-left corner, you see 3 white color horizontal lines, which is menu-icon, tap on that.
  3. Tap on Settings: You see the settings icon which is like-look gear, tap on that.
  4. Tap on your E-mail id: In setting, you see your email-id, tap on that.
  5. Tap on Sign-out: Scroll down, you see the sign-out, just tap on that, and you are sign-out.

How to uninstall or disable the hangouts

In this procedure, there are number of steps which is follow as:

  1. Open your phone settings: You see a gear like icon in your phone, named as settings, tap on that.
  2. Tap on apps: Scroll down, you see "apps" or "app management" option, just tap on that.
  3. Tap on hangouts: Scroll down, you see the hangout option, tap on that.
  4. Complete the Disable/Uninstall: After tapping, you see the disable or uninstall button, you can tap on either disable or uninstall, hangout will automatically removed.

Remember one thing that the disable or uninstall option totally depends upon your android version because now-a-days, might be this option can be together or not.

So, just don’t get confused. Choose the methods according to your priority.  Hope this article will surely help you in disabling the hangouts on mobile.

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