How to Use the Google Hangouts Chrome Extension

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Google provides you the hangouts for the chatting or calling purpose, you can add it’s extension from the google chrome, an icon will generate on the search bar. The Google hangouts extension have many attractive features, like it allows you control the screen size of chat window, you can minimize or maximize it, you can also hide the chat window.

Hangouts is basically used for interacting with people, sharing your updates, talking with people over video-call, sharing the pictures etc.

We are going to discuss how to use the google hangouts chrome extension in very easy steps:

Steps to use google hangouts extension

  1. Open chrome web-store: Open your google chrome, and type and press enter.
  2. Search hangouts in search bar: On the top-left corner, you see the search bar, type hangouts and press enter, you see the search extension of hangouts.
  3. Click on Add Extension: On the right –side with hangouts name, you see the add extension button, click on that.
  4. Add extension: After clicking, you see a box, ask you to add  the extension , just click on “Add extension ” option.
  5. Open the hangouts extension: After this you see in the top-right corner the hangouts extension. Just click on that and open it.
  6. Login: Enter your email id and password and press enter.
  7. Use the hangouts: You can search the people or add people whom you want to chat or call.

Using the google hangouts chrome extension, is much easier than using it over Google+. When you install the hangouts extension and enter your Gmail id, next time when you open the hangouts extension, there is no need to sign in again.

Just click on extension, you could easily see all your conversation with people. Hope this article we discuss above will help you.

Advantages of google chrome extension:

  1. Simple & Easy to use: When you click on the hangouts icon in the search bar header, you can easily open it, and you did not find any difficulty in searching the hangouts over the search bar.
  2. Speed is fast: The execution speed of the hangouts chrome extension is faster than Mozilla and internet explorer.
  3. Security: The main benefit of adding the hangouts extension is whenever you type something on hangouts, it’s encrypt all your data.

Features of google hangouts:

  1. Messaging
  2. Audio call
  3. Video call
  4. Group conferencing (can add 15 people maximum)
  5. Share your status
  6. Can send invitation to the people
  7. Can add 150 people in a group
  8. Share your documents, PDF, files etc.

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