How to Travel India Alone

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Solo Adventure is worthwhile if you are traveling India because it is a destination, which is avowed for its contingent colors of lifestyle and unbelievable voyages. Meanwhile traveling solo is all you need. 

You could figure a serious reason for yourself a debauchery and high worthy priority. Amid the rejuvenating monuments, tantalizing mountains and thirst quenching valleys. 

you would prefer to wild and wayward yourself to fall in love with the moment. India is a country of diverse culture at the same time consist variety of traditions. 

This article is about “How to travel India alone? But before you leave or make plans for your vacations below mentioned are some tips and points you should keep in mind while traveling India alone. Read below to know more:

Tips for Solo Traveler - India

travel india alone

1. Create a to- do- list. Done with your backpack but wait first prepare a full plan of all you are going to do after coming to India. 

Make a list of your preferences of site seeing, places and their well-known food tradition and each and every activity you want to do before visiting. 

2. Always book your hotel in advance. While you are all set to travel and you are traveling alone in that case always make per-booking of hotel according to your convenience, which will be beneficiary for you and will not end you up roaming or searching for place to stay after coming to India. travel india alone

3. Decided destination, but first research. India is a very, very huge country so make sure that you do a proper research about the background of the location before picking up any destination you want to go first. 

4. Be easy with your luggage. It is always said that while you are traveling overseas don’t take heavy luggage with you and try to keep it light as much as possible. 

Not taking a lot of things with yourself can easily help you wander anywhere without any worry. 

And when it comes to India don’t take many things with you because you are surely going to do heavy shopping here as it has variety in everything like its culture and tradition. solo travel india

5. Make an emergency contact. Share all your contact and travel details with someone you trust and is very close to you. So they can contact you whenever there is any emergency. But first, make sure they are trustworthy. 

6. Not original but copies are must. Before leaving for any place always check you have copies of your passport, visa. 

And if you are traveling from one state to another keep tickets with you to avoid any kind of trouble. Also, keep one soft copy of your document in your email or in google drives. solo travel india7. Be careful of offering. You might face this situation where people offer stuff to eat or drink try to avoid it politely. Don’t be harsh but be calm and with a friendly tone say direct no. 

Usually, it happens in trains. If you are going to enjoy Indian train journey Indian government providing many facilities for international tourist

8. Don’t carry expensive belonging with you. Always make sure to keep all your jewelry, cash or any expensive things in safe provided by the hotel to you, instead of taking them every time you go for an outing. travel india alone

9. Be confident. You’re traveling alone in that case the most important thing you must have is your confidence in yourself. Be confident while going to a new place. 

Don’t hesitate of asking any type of help. Your confidence will help you explore in a healthy and secure way. 

10. Don’t reveal your personal details. Always think twice before sharing your personal details/information with anyone or anywhere. 

Keep this in your mind that sharing your personal information might lead to risk so always be careful. It’s not only India where you should be aware but everywhere in the world if you are traveling alone. travel india alone

11. Prepare yourself for worst situations. While your journey you might face some trouble, forget path or any sort of inconvenience, don’t get panic instead of that try to take help from women, girl’s, families near you or old people and be aware of not asking young boys. 

Some might misguide you. Better to ask any female for the security of your own. 

12. Try to make few friends. Making new friends, is quite tough but always a fun thing to do befriend and accompany good people. Make some good friend which will help you know the place and its culture even in a better way. 

And communicate with them as much as you can to explore their lifestyle and create some good memories. But don’t be over-friendly with strangers. travel india alone

13. Try to learn some local words. If you are traveling India for the first time, you must try learning some local words or some phrases like “NAMASTE” usage of such words will automatically connect you with the local people. 

And it will add more fun to your journey. Learning local phrases and words will also help you overcome with the communication barrier situation, it is better to know the language of the country. 

14. Don’t hesitate in taking suggestions. Always take a suggestion from friends or anyone you know who have been to the country and you’re traveling for the first time. It is good to know about the place before visiting than suffering later. solo travel india

15. Make contact with Indian women. There are multiple Indian women who are very friendly and getting in contact with them can help you know Indian tradition and culture. 

So travel as much as you can In India and get connected too. Traveling India alone will give you the best experience with safety if you follow above-mentioned tips. 

It is very necessary to be well prepared before going anywhere, even if you are just stepping out for the market. Enjoy your journey while traveling India alone. 

Before landing in a new country make yourself prepared with everything well planned and make sure all your bookings are done in advance to have a hassle free journey and create some good lifetime memories.  

Hope this article helped you in any manner, Thank you for ready. Feel free to comment your views in the below given comment box and for further queries contact us on our social media website.

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