How to Travel cheap in India?

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Summers hitting your door and you are still confused where to plan a trip without stressing your pocket. India is the best destination where one can spend both luxurious vacations and less expensive holidays. 

Just with few dollars in your hand, you are ready to visit India for an adventurous holiday! In this article, I have discussed some interesting points which will definitely help in traveling India without pressurizing your pockets. Read below to know more about How to Travel cheap in India? How to Travel cheap in India

How to Travel cheap in India

1. Apply for India tourist visa and book your air ticket by yourself. 

 For cheap travel in India apply for online Indian tourist visa by yourself. Don’t go to any travel company they will charge more. And book air ticket going and returning both by yourself. Do some research on internet Pick the cheap flight. 

If you really not able to do it by yourself then book cheap tour packages for india. There are many tour offers and cheap tour packages in India are available on the internet. 

Once reach in India follow the below step to save money and enjoy your cheap journey. 

2. Visiting the tourist information point. 

As soon as you land in India, the first thing that you should do is visit the tourist information point for all the information about having a cheap travel. You can find free maps and information about free events at the information point. 

You will also be provided with information about discounts and coupons available at hotels and restaurants. 

3. Walk or use public transport. Walking is the best way to find out directions and to know about new places. 

When you walk, you also save money and it helps you to see different things located in a certain place. Public transport is also an option which is cheap and you can share a transport and roam places. How to Travel cheap in India

4. Plan to take a train. When you travel in India, the best thing that you can do is take the train. You might visit some places which are located at a distance and the train journey can be enjoyable and you will also get to meet new people. 

If you book your train tickets in advance, you will get discounts on tickets too.  The night trains are the best option because they are comfortable and also convenient where you can sleep the entire night and reach your destination fresh in the morning. 

5. Traveling with a partner or friend. The best way to travel cheaply in India is to travel with a friend. It is because there are many hotels which charge more to a single traveler. 

If you travel with someone, there can be discounts for the double rooms and you will find all the facilities including food similar to a single room. Do plan your next trip with your friend. 

6. Find a low-cost airline. There are all kinds of rates that you will find while searching for aircraft. 

It is good to book your tickets online and in advance and in that way, you will find discounts even if you have to pay for extra luggage, the amount won’t be much.

Helping in India moneywise:

These are some of the tips to save your money when staying in a hotel and how to save your money: How to Travel cheap in India

7. Don’t withdraw money from an ATM in India. The currency rates might differ from your country and if you withdraw money from an ATM in India, you might not get the same interest rate that you might be getting in your country. 

So, the best thing is to take out money from an ATM in your country itself. Withdrawal fee might also be charged from the ones withdrawing money. 

8. Stay in a budget hotel or in a dormitory. The best way in which you can save money is by staying at a budget hotel. You can check out the prices of hotels online and book the one most convenient and cheap for you. 

Another option to check out is dormitories where you can share a room with others and in this way, you get to meet new friends and party hard. 

9. Stay away from the center of city. Don’t stay in the hustle and bustle of the city life. This is because everything in the city is expensive and they tend to demand more from you. 

Choose to stay in a village area or on the outskirts of a city and you will be tempted by the beauty of the surroundings and the fresh air engulfing it. How to Travel cheap in India

10. Prefer to stay in a family room. When you plan to travel cheaply in India, then you can pay a little more and stay in a family room. The family room provides the same facilities as a double room at the same price.

Cheapest tourist place in India

Where to travel in India:  Some of the exciting places to travel in India in cheap are listed as under: 

11. Bengal. Bengal is one of the best places to travel in India if you want to travel cheaply. Darjeeling, Kolkata, Sunderbans, etc. are some of the best places to visit in West Bengal. 

Sunderbans is known for the largest mangrove forests in the world. Siliguri is a hill station which is mesmerizing and a must visit destination. 

12. Kerala. Kerala is also as God’s Own country. From backwaters to coconut trees, Kerala has a huge coastline with beaches lined up in many different areas. 

Some people are not much fond of crowded places, they can take solace in the calming and soothing nature of beaches. How to Travel cheap in India

13. Shimla. A hill station in Himachal Pradesh, you can visit it overnight by a bus. It is a very beautiful hill station with views so scenic and amazing to look at. People can try paragliding, mountaineering, etc. in the hills of Shimla.

Food in the budget in India:

After staying comes the problem of choosing the right food joint to get a delicious meal. Some of the points that can be tried out are as follows: 

14. Restrict to street food and food joints rather than expensive restaurants. Avoid going to expensive restaurants where you have to pay a huge amount of tax. Food joints are best when you want to travel cheaply. 

A gourmet restaurant can also be preferred and also there are many hotels which provide buffets which can be tried out. 

15. Cook your own food. Most people love to cook their own food when in holidays. The best thing to do is to stay in stay in a rental home where you can cook on your own. You get your own kitchen in a rental home and it is really fun to cook with your friends. How to Travel cheap in India

16. Shop locally. Try to buy groceries from the local markets where you are sure to get fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Find out from hotels or rentals homes where they shop and you can find out the best shops to bargain. Traveling cheap is fun and exciting!! Try out the new style of holidaying in India!

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