How to Download Karnataka Voter ID Card Online

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For Indians people, voter id is as important as Aadhaar card, which can be used a identity proof all over India. Also, It gives you the right to vote in the elections of Parliament, Assembly and Panchayats. If you are 18 years old, you are entitled to Karnataka voter Id card download in the elections.

Now in Karnataka, you can apply for the voter id using the online portal. Let see, how to apply for the voter id and download the voter id card online.

karnataka Voter ID Card Download

Follow the steps below to download the voter ID through online. If you haven’t enrolled for the voter id, follow the procedure in the later part of this article. After registering yourself, you can download the voter id card online. You can download the new voter ID after one month of time after the date of application.

1. Go to the official website.2. Select search with the names and details option.karnataka voter id card download3. Type the details of the name you want to download and click search option. You will be asked to type captcha code correctly to see the list of candidates matching with the data you have entered.karnataka voter id card download4. Click on the applicant name shown to download. Then press Ctrl + P on your computer to print the voter ID details.karnataka voter id card downloadIn the past, the process of voter id card was without digital technology, where you have to visit the tahsildar office with complex procedures. Now by the following above procedure, you can download your ID card very easily.  

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