Gulshan Sharma

Answered 5 years ago

Uber Instant Pay is the service for the Uber drivers which helps them to control the access of their earnings. They can cash out their earnings up to 5 times a day.

Steps to set up Instant Pay:

1. Open Uber Driver app menu.

2. Open the main menu

3. Tap earning on the menu.
4. Tap Instant Pay.

5. Add your personal debit card.
6. Select ‘Transfer Now’ to cash out.

After applying it, you will receive the card in 5-8 days with additional instructions on how to activate and link your card to Instant Pay.

Benefits of Uber Instant Pay: (according to Uber)

  • No monthly fees, transfer fees, overdraft fees, or NSF fees
  • No minimum balance on your card
  • Instantaneous cash outs to your Uber Debit Card
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