Ritesh lokhande

Answered 3 years ago

Instagram story highlight is the new feature by Instagram for the users that they can promote their work by highlighting the main stories from your old stories.

You can create your highlight from your stories. It's quite simple to use.

1. Open your app.

2. Open the profile tab.

3. Tap on the archive tab on the top left corner.

4. Tap on three bars menu.

5. Choose the option 'create highlight'.

6. Now tap on the stories you want to choose for the highlight.

7. Tap next and write the name of the highlight.

8. You can edit the cover by tapping on 'edit cover' option.

9. Choose the cover from your story and done it.

10. Tap the 'add' on the right corner. your story has been created.

Using these steps, you can create many highlights. It will be feature on your profile tab that user can view it easily.

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