Manish Malvaa

Answered 3 years ago

Instagram and Facebook are the most popular social media platform but the performance level is different. 

  1. Facebook is the oldest social media platform and its reach is so wide. You can make your own profile and you send the friend request to your friends whom you know or your friend can send a request to you. 
  2. Anyone can accept the request and you become the friend on Facebook. You can write your opinion on post, share pictures and video.
  3. On Instagram, you can share pictures and videos only. 
  4. The reach of Instagram is wider but Facebook is ahead of it. 
  5. On Instagram, you need to follow the person to see his/her content. It’s same as the Facebook page where you can like the page. 
  6. On Instagram, every account can work as a page. 
  7. On Facebook, you can make event and notes. You can make a group of more than 10K users. 
  8. Facebook has its own Messanger app to chat.

There are many differences between Facebook and Instagram with some similar points.

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