How to Use Pocket WiFi

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What is pocket WiFi ?

Pocket WiFi is same as any other WiFi device but small in size. You can connect multiple device at same time. it's work like any other WiFi hotspot which provides you unlimited wireless internet as per your internet plan. and it's easy to carry any where as per your convenient. due to small size of Pocket WiFi it will fit's in your pocket. pocket-wifi-india

Pocket WiFi take power from battery. Battery charging feature is also included in this device.from pocket WiFi you can connect capable devices such as mobile phone, laptops, PCs, and others devices.

Pocket WiFi will help you when you are traveling in group and everybody want's internet. or you are going to any business trip or any other location there you can get difficulty to get internet. Pocket WiFi help you there.

How to use Pocket WiFi?

Step-1 : Install the SIM card and Battery Now consider you have Pocket WiFi. first of all you have to open cover of WiFi router to insert SIM card and Battery. Pocket-WiFi-insert-sim 

Step-2 : Turn on Pocket WiFi router Press button given on the top up your Router. In some WiFi router, there will be small screen on the router. pocket-wifi-router

Step-3 : Connect to PCs or Mobile Phone Before connecting to your device make sure WiFi is on in your computer or mobile. for connecting this device to your computer.

WiFi router company provide you one specific URL. it will look like that "" find this url on your router screen or back side of your router or inside of router Inter this url in your web browser. huawei pocket wifi

Step-4 : Enter user Name and Password When you will open that url it will ask you username and password. some of devices ask only Pin code.

by default username and password you can see on your router screen or back side of your WiFi router or inside of your WiFi router

How to use Pocket WiFi - login

Inter this username and password. and now you connected to internet.

Step-5 : Change your Pocket WiFi router password Now you inter default username and password. change the password after first sign in. put strong password then your WiFi router will be secure. and Enjoy wireless internet.

How to charge Pocket WiFi

Method-1 : you can charge your Pocket WiFi Router Via the power adapter. It will come with your WiFi router. pocket-wifi-charging-via-adapter Method-2 : You can also charge Pocket WiFi Via Computer USB. how-to-charge-pocket-wifi Source :

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