How to Use Lyft App as a Passenger

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Various apps are present in today’s time from where one would able to book the taxi with an ease. There are various apps which most of the users are using and one of the apps is lyft.

Steps to use lyft app as a passenger

Here in this article, we will explain - how to use lyft app as a passenger. Through lyft one can book the cab easily. With this, the passengers are connecting with the driver which make them ride easily. To use the lyft app its passengers need to do certain things such as –

Creating an account on the lyft app

  1. Download the application: Lyft application is free and anyone could download the same without any paid charges on it. One can download this application from
  • Google play store
  • Apple app store.

In both of them, this application is available for its users. Find the application on the app store and click on the tap install to get it installed on the phone.

  1. Sign up: After installing one would need to open the app by tapping on the icon of the app. One needs to create an account on it to use the services.
    One can also connect the same with the facebook account and would not be required to create a login account. If one already has an account on it then one could simply login to the account.
  2. Verifying your phone number: In this one need to provide the phone number through which one could book the cab.
    The phone number which one is giving it should be the mobile number as one would receive the message on the same regarding the transaction made on lyft app.
    After entering the mobile number one would receive the code which one would be required to enter for verification of mobile number.
    Once the number gets verified, the account will be activated and ready for usage.

Adding Payment method

  1. Click on the menu on the left-hand side of the lyft app.
  2. Select the payment option from there and one will find various payment options over there.
  3. Tap on the payment method in which one wants to add. Some of the payment options is available as per the device. The options available for payment are –
  • Google wallet: This option is available on android mobile. One can link the account and could pay from there.
  • Apple pay: This option is there on the Apple mobile. The passengers could link the same and use it for payment.
  • Paypal: One needs to have an account on PayPal and by clicking on the same one will be directed to the site. By login to the PayPal account, one could link the same for the purpose of doing the payment.
  • Credit Card / Debit Card: There are various types of credit card which a user uses such as Visa, Maestro, Master Card and many more. Even one will get the debit card link to their saving account or another account with the bank. One can link their credit card or debit card through this option and could then easily pay for their ride.
  • Credit code: There are various schemes or code issued by lyft from time to time for users. Through this code one will get discounts on their ride. One can put these codes by tapping on this option and will get the discounts on the ride through the usage of the code.

Booking of cab

  1. If the location application is open on the mobile then it would automatically take the pickup location from where one needs to take the cab. If the pickup location is not as per your real location then one could change the same by tapping on it.
  2. After confirming, the pickup location is correct. One needs to put the destination where one wants to go.
  3. There are various options available for cab under the app lyft. Through this one could select the cab which one would like to hire. One needs to select the cab depending on the number of persons or even where one wants to go.
  4. Once the selection of right type of cab is done then one need to tap on the ‘Request Lyft’ tap.
  5. After tapping on this one would able to get the details of the cab driver as well as fare.
  6. As the driver reaches the destination, the driver would give the call or send the message. Once the passengers sit in the cab ride would get started.

Payment for ride

  1. After completion of the journey, one needs to pay for the ride within 24 hours of completing the journey.
  2. One need to tap on the payment option and could opt from the entered payment option to make the payment.
  3. If the payment is not done within 24 hours then it would automatically be deducted from the payment option and one would not get any rating for it.
  4. If one would like to give the tip to the driver then one could pay the tip through payment option. For doing the payment option there are some preset tip options from which one could choose or even can pay their customized tip.
  5. Then click on the next tap and one could see the total charges for the trip.


After this one could give the rating to the driver on the basis that how the passenger's experience is there with the driver.

This feedback or rating should be genuine as it would help the driver to improve and to make the journey more comfortable for the passengers.

This rating is on both side as the driver would also be giving a rating to the passengers on basis of that one is behaving in polite and friendly nature or not.

One can use this Lyft app to book the cab for any destination. There are various places where still they are not working and one could get to know the same through

In all the places where the services of lyft app are available one can take the full benefit of the same by following these simple steps.

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