How to Update Google Maps

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If a new version of Google Maps has been released in the market, then you must update Google Maps.

All of the modern apps are working continuously to make themselves better for their users. For this purpose, they release new updates in the market from time to time. Same is the case with Google maps. You should always update Google maps if a new version is available. You should also know how to use Google Maps in an effective manner. Let's learn the simplified process to update Google maps below.

How To Update Google Maps Android

Update Google maps in 3 Steps

Step-1 Open Play Store in your device: You have to first open the Playstore app in your device.

  • If you are using your desktop or PC, then use your web browser to open it.
  • If you are using your mobile phone, then make sure that the app is installed in your device.
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Step-2 Hit Search Bar and Type Google Maps: When the app opens up, you will see the search bar at top of the window.

  • Click on the search bar.
  • Then, type 'Google Maps' in the search bar.
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Step-3 Hit on 'Update': There you will see two options named uninstall and update. Hit in the 'Update' button. And, then the app will start updating. It will automatically be installed in your device.

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Do We Have To Pay For Updating The Google Maps App?

We do not have to pay even a single penny for updating or downloading the Google Maps application.

You just need a stable data or internet connection to update the app from Play Store. It will get download at an even faster speed if you have a WiFi with a good speed.

What Are The Features Of The New Update of Google Maps?

Every new update of Google Maps app comes with new and latest features.

Some of the most popular and greatest features of the applications are:

  • Finding a location.
  • Measure the distance, cost and time.
  • Measure distances on the application.
  • Drag the map to your destination.
  • Save and share the locations.
  • Download offline maps.
  • Avoid traffic jams and tolls.

These are only some features of the application. There are numerous other features too!

How Can We Update Telegram App Without Google Play?

You can easily update the telegram app without Google Play in the following apps:

  • Search telegram on your browser & open official website
  • Scroll down & tap on telegram for android.
  • Tap on download telegram button.
  • Finally, download & install the APK file in your mobile device.

Can We Update All The Apps From Play Store Only?

Play Store is also a Google application. It is a very useful app to download and install other apps.

You can download uninstall each and every application from the Play Store app only. The play store app comes pre-installed in your device and you cannot uninstall it. You can disable it if you wish to but it will become a huge problem for your device as you would not be able to download new apps.

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