How to Switch to Dark Mode on Reddit

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Are you a dark mode enthusiast who prefers the dark theme in each and every app that you use? It may be true that the default light mode is hurting your eyes. Using dark mode during nighttime is the best option as it reduces ‘blue light’ that emits from the phone and enables one to read comfortably without straining the eye. Above all, Dark mode also extends the battery life, which means less charging! For the ones who use Reddit, the dark mode can be a blessing. Reddit has now introduced a feature for you where you can change your current light theme to dark theme, just like you enable dark mode on Telegram. This article will show you how to enable the dark mode on Reddit.

How to switch to dark mode on Reddit 2022

3 Easy Steps to Switch to Dark Mode on Reddit

Step-1 Open Reddit App: The first step is to launch the app on your device. After downloading the Reddit app from Google Play Store (for Android users) or App Store (for iPhone users), the App will become visible on your mobile phone. Simply click the Reddit app icon and it will take you to your profile.

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Step-2 Tap on Profile Picture / Avatar: Now that you have launched your app, you will be able to see your profile. Your profile picture/avatar will be shown in the Upper-Right corner. Click on the profile picture/ avatar and it will take you to a set of options.

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Step-3 Tap on the Night Mode Option: Out of the options revealed to you, tap on the Night Mode Button.

  • This button is a Moon shaped icon placed on the Bottom-Right corner. 
  • To identify, this Moon shaped button is placed next to the Settings option. As a result, this action will activate night mode.


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That's all! You have successfully switched to Dark Mode on Reddit! Reddit did not have the option of the Moon icon earlier, it took a few more steps to enable the dark theme. But now that they have introduced this feature, switching to dark mode has become hassle-free. Some experts have also stated that using the dark mode in every app like YouTube, is healthier and easier as opposed to the light theme. This option will enable you to read or browse through Reddit without any distractions. Happy browsing!

Should I switch on dark mode every time I log in to Reddit?

Once you have enabled dark theme on the app, you do not have to switch it on every time you open Reddit. Until you change the dark mode manually, it will stay enabled. If you wish to switch back to light mode, you can follow the same procedure you used to enable dark mode.

Does dark mode affect notifications?

The dark mode is a feature only for visibility. It does not have any impact on notifications. Hence, it will not affect the functioning of your device's notifications.

Is Dark Mode a feature only for Reddit premium users?

The dark mode is available for all Reddit users. Therefore, you do not need to have a premium subscription to avail of that feature.

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