How to Know About Schengen Visa Photo Requirements

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When we fill up a form the first thing is asked to paste a passport size photo of yours on the form. This is very important and mandatory for all find of form filling stuff. So is in the passport and so in the visa process. 

Passport and visa photos have required some guidelines just to make your photo your perfect resemble. So today we here tell you what Schengen visa photo requirements have made the specific Schengen Visa authority. 

You can check also check the official site of VFS the outsourcing company.  It will tell Schengen visa photo requirements of France. Have a look at the list of each requirement- schengen visa photo requirements

Schengen Visa Photo Requirements

  1. 2 photos are required. One is pasted on the form and the other one is submitted loose.
  2. Only colour passport size photos are acceptable.
  3. The must be of recent or of past 6 months period. Older than this period will be rejected.
  4. The Photo must be in high definition.
  5. The photo must be printed on quality paper in minimum 600 dpi resolution.
  6. The photo must be in the neutral expression, eyes opened, looking direct and mouth closed. Smiling should be avoided.
  7. You should not have to wear any head gear like a hat or any scarf except religion concern.
  8. The features of the face must be clear from head to the chin and from left to the right.
  9. The height of the photo must be of 32mm to 36mm or of 3.5 cms x 4.5 cms.
  10. The focus should be on the face and its height not less than 32mm.
  11. The photo must be clear and rich in contrast and the face should be sharp overall. The photo must not be blurred.
  12. These things should be avoided- red eyes, shadow or reflection. The flash should illuminate the face equally. So the must be taken in perfect light.
  13. The eyes should be clearly seen in the photo. Sunglasses and tinted glasses should be avoided.
  14. If you wear glasses make sure your glasses don’t get any flash reflection.
  15. The glasses frame should not cover the eyes.
  16. The photo should be in neutral in colour and the skin tone should be natural.
  17. The background of the photo should of white or in the light colour.
  18. The work uniform should not be worn at the time of photo except religious apparel.
  19. In case of minor child’s Schengen visa, that child’s single photo is required. Its parents or guardian are not required in the photo.
  20. The requirements neutral expression, eyes opened, looking direct and mouth closed can be avoided in case of children of 9 or under.
  21. If the infants’ eyes are closed in the photo it can be avoided.
  22. If applying for more than one person than individual photos are required not the group photo.

So if the above Schengen visa photo requirements are not be followed your photo will be rejected. So be careful and happy to help you.

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