How to Save Chat on Snapchat

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Snapchat disappears messages immediately after the receiver has read them. This is the uniqueness of Snapchat. But, in case, if you feel like saving some particular or important messages then you can save chat on Snapchat.

You can also clear conversations on Snapchat entirely of any person you want. You can delete any message that is saved by you or sent by you anytime.

Now, to know how you can save important chats on Snapchat, follow this guide which has only 5 easy steps.

How to AutoSave Chats on Snapchat for 24 Hours

Save Chat on Snapchat with 5 Simple Steps

Step-1 Open the Snapchat App: On your device, open the Snapchat application with the yellow-colored icon.

You can find the icon in the Apps section of your phone. Also, if you have not downloaded it then download it from the app store.

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Step-2 Click on the Chat Icon: Once you have opened the Snapchat, by default the camera page will get opened. Click on the Chat Icon.

It is present below the gallery button as you can see in the image shown below.

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Step-3 Open Your Friend’s Chat: Now, you can see the chat list of all your friends. Open the chat page of the person whose chat you want to save.

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Step 4: Long Press on the Message to Save: Once you open the chat page of your friend, you have to find the message that you want to save.

Long press on the message that you want to save and go to the next step.

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Step-5 Click on Save Chat: Now, you can see the list of options as shown below in the image. Select the "save in chat" option and the message will be saved in your chat.

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If I Save A Message On Snapchat Then Can My Friend Delete It or Not?

If you have sent the message then you can unsave it or delete it anytime you want. Your friend can not delete it in that case.

But, if your friend has sent you the message then you can save or unsave it but deleting the message is the choice of your friend.

So, even if you have saved the message sent by your friend, they can delete their message anytime they want.

Can I Save a Picture Too in Chat on Snapchat?

Yes, you can save any picture sent by you or your friend in the chat. The process is the same as mentioned in this guide.

You have to long-press on the picture that you want to save and then click on the "save in chat" option.

You can also save snaps on your mobile from Snapchat. But if you are saving your friend's snap then they will get a notification that you have saved their snap.

How to Save Entire Conversation of a Friend on Snapchat?

You can choose to long-press every message in your conversation to save it. You can also see their messages for a maximum duration of 24 hours.

Generally, the message gets deleted after you see it but you can choose to delete it after 24 hours. Hence, the conversation will remain for one day.

There is no option of saving an entire conversation together on Snapchat. Either you have to select each message and save it or you can stop them from deleting for one day.

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