How to Save a Route on Google Maps?

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Google map is the most used and popular Google service. App shows a good direction to your preferred location. You can save your route on Google maps. Google have this service on my map option where you can save a route on Google maps.

Let’s understand how can you save the route in Google maps.

Steps to save a route on Google maps

You can save route through desktop browser with using may map. This application is also available on mobile devices as well but you cannot save a route on mobile app so it’s only available on desktop.

Just see quick steps:

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Open my maps: Open my app website. It’s separate from the Google maps.
  3. Sign in to my maps: Sign in with my maps. Your Google ID will be used in my maps.
  4. Click on create a map: now click on ‘create a map’ at the top.
  5. Click on add directions: Click on add directions icon on the top. Your area will be saved.
  6. Enter your locations: Enter your locations in the left corner in middle. Type your both locations from starting to end.

Now the complete route will appear on your map.

  1. Click on add destinations: Now click on ‘add directions’ option below the locations where you entered the A and B locations to add another location to your trip.

You can take step by step direction as well.

  1. Click on three bars: Click on three bars menu at the left side of the locations, where you have entered the location.
  2. Click on ‘step by step direction’: Now click on ‘step by step direction’ option and it will show you the directions completely from A point to B point.

That’s how you can save a route on Google map. Your locations are saved automatically.

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