How to Remove Blur from Posts on Reddit

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NSFW content can be graphic, disturbing or explicit. While some users are fine with it, there are of course people and circumstances where this type of content is not suitable. Hence, for the people who are fine with NSFW content but would like to have it blurred, Reddit has introduced a feature where it lets users blur the posts. You can simply tap on the blurred image in order to view it. You can also disable NSFW posts on Reddit.

The blur feature acts as a door between the user and the content. Once the NSFW content is turned on, the user can choose to enable or disable the Blur option. In this article, we will teach you how to remove blur from posts on Reddit.

How To Turn Off NSFW Blur On Reddit Tutorial

Remove Blur from Posts on Reddit in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Reddit: The first step is to launch the Reddit app on your device.

  • In order to do that, you need to download the app from Google Play Store or App Store. The steps are very much similar to that of downloading TikTok.
  • Then, tap on the Reddit app icon.
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Step-2 Tap on your Profile Picture: Once your Reddit feed becomes visible to you, tap on your profile picture. This can be located on the Upper-Right corner.

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Step-3 Tap on 'Settings': Now, tap on the 'Settings' option visible on the bottom of the page. It is located near the Moon icon.

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Step-4 Locate 'Blur NSFW Images': Scroll down to see the option named 'Blur NSFW Images'. This option can be found under the 'View Options' section.

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Step-5 Tap on the Slider: Click on the toggle switch named 'Blur NSFW Images' to turn it off. This action will make sure that the NSFW posts in your feed remain unblurred. You can choose to turn it on if you are in a public or professional setting.

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Why are two options provided for NSFW content in the settings?

Instead of deleting posts on Reddit, the 'Show NSFW Content (I'm Over 18)' option in Reddit decides whether to show you NSFW content in your feed. Disabling this option filters and removes all the NSFW posts from your feed.

Whereas, enabling this feature means that your feed will have posts that are NSFW. On the other hand, the 'Blur NSFW Images' option is just for blurring the NSFW posts, images or videos. This will remain disabled if your 'Show NSFW Content (I'm Over 18)' is switched off.

Why is my 'Blur NSFW Images' on Reddit not accessible?

The 'Blur NSFW Images' option remains hidden and inaccessible as long as your 'Show NSFW Content (I'm Over 18)' stays disabled. You can switch on the latter in order to access the Blur feature.

How do I view the blurred posts, images, and videos if I have turned on the 'Blur NSFW Images' button?

In order to view the blurred posts, images, or videos, you simply have to tap on them. This will remove the blurring and you will be able to view the post without any restriction. However, you can always choose to turn off the 'Blur NSFW Images' in order to eliminate the extra step.

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