How to React to Messages on Discord

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The Discord app is a safe platform that allows people to connect with others and exchange ideas, information, and hobbies. Like any other chat room and messaging app, Discord allows people to chat and converse on the platform. You can also react to messages on Discord by using emojis available on the app. It's also possible to add custom emojis to a Discord server.

If you do not know how to react to messages on discord, keep reading the next section which will detail the topic.

React to messages Discord

React to Messages on Discord With 6 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Discord App: You must first open your device and find the Discord app. The Discord app will be denoted by a smiling, white controller on a blue background. Click on the icon to reveal the app homepage.

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Step-2 Press on The Message: Once the app has been opened, find the message you want to react to. Now, long press on the message to reveal an emoji lineup window.

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Step-3 Choose An Emoji: From the Emoji lineup, choose among the suggested emojis or follow the next step to reveal more emojis.

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Step-4 Click On Add Reaction: If you want to use other emojis then you can click on the “Add Reaction” (emoji) icon with a small + sign. Refer to the image below to avoid any confusion. SA new window will open with more Emoji choices to pick from.

Image titled react to messages on discord step 4

Step-5 Select An Emoji: Select your desired emoji from the Discord window that contains all the emojis. Click on the emoji you want to use for giving the reaction to the message.

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Step-6 Emoji Gets Added: After you click on the emoji, the emoji reaction will be added to the message. It will be located below the original message in a small font.

Refer to the image below if you have any confusion related to where you can see the reaction.

Image titled react to messages on discord step 6

Can I Add Multiple Emoji Reactions to One Message?

No, you cannot add multiple emoji reactions to a single message. You can only add one emoji by following the steps above. Other accounts can add more emojis which will reflect in the message. However, each account gets only one reaction. You can also add custom emojis to a Discord server.

Can I Appear Offline on Discord?

Yes, it's possible to appear offline on Discord. You can read messages anonymously if you disable the online indicator. You can make use of this feature by tweaking things in your profile settings. Your friend will not be able to see you online once you appear offline. So, remember this point before appearing offline.

Can I Change My Reaction to a Message?

Yes, it is possible to change your reaction to a message. You just have to remove the reaction emoji. Once you have removed the emoji now you can repeat the process mentioned in this guide to add a new emoji or reaction. You can also choose not to react to the message again after you have removed the emoji.

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