What Does the Yellow Heart on Snapchat Mean

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  1. The yellow heart on Snapchat means that you have been best friends with that person.
  2. It also means that you both send each other the most number of Snaps.
  3. Snapchat places emoji in front of your friend's name in the chat list.
  4. Every emoji has a different meaning according to your interaction with your friend.
  5. You can also add a nickname to your friend on Snapchat.

Yellow Heart on Snapchat in Front of Your Friend's Name


When Does Yellow Heart Emoji Turn Into Red Heart Emoji?

  • Yellow heart occurs when you become someone's best friend.
  • If you continue to maintain this streak for two weeks continuous then it will turn into the red heart emoji.
  • Make sure that you keep sending that person the most number of snaps and also don't break your streak.

What Does the Smiling Emoji Means On Snapchat?

  • When you have a smiling emoji with someone on Snapchat that means that they are one of the persons you send snaps frequently.
  • It also means that you have a good interaction with them and they may turn into your best friend.
  • They are not on your best friend list yet but there is a scope for it.
  • If you want to make them your best friend then increase your interaction with them.

Who Can I Mention on Snapchat Story?

You can mention friends on your Snapchat story. You can also mention any other person but they must be Snapchat users. Just have to type their name or username with the "@" sign.

The person's id will appear at the bottom. Click on the person that you want to mention in the story. They will also get a notification that you have mentioned them in your story.

How Can The Yellow Heart on Snapchat Go Away?

Yellow heart disappears or goes away for two reasons on Snapchat:

  1. If you stop sending frequent snaps or interacting with the person then the yellow heart with that person will get disappear.
  2. The second reason is when it turns red. That is when you maintain your yellow heart streak for more than two weeks then it gets disappeared and turns red.

So, if you don't want to lose your yellow or red heart then do not break your streak with that person and keep interacting with them.

When Do I Get Double Pink Heart On Snapchat?

To get the pink hearts you have to continue your best friend streak for over 2 months continuously. It is rare to get pink hearts with someone. As you have to be their best friend too.

That means you and your friend both have to send the most number of snaps to each other. That too for two months without breaking any streak.

Can I Remove a Friend on Snapchat?

Yes, you can easily remove a friend on Snapchat. Just go to their profile and click on the three-dot icon and select remove friend and your friend will be removed.

Can I Have the Yellow Heart on Snapchat with More Than One Person?

No, you can not have a yellow heart with more than one person because there can be only one person to whom you send the most number of Snaps.

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