What Happens When You Clear Cache on Snapchat

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  1. When you clear cache on Snapchat, it does not clear all of your data like saved images, chats, memories, and videos.
  2. It only clears the irrelevant data like thumbnails, filters, lenses, and other data.
  3. When you save any lenses or filters on Snapchat, they are saved as cache data in the background by default.
  4. It is good to delete the cache on Snapchat just like you can clear the cache in TikTok.
  5. It saves some storage space and protects your app from running slow.

How to Clear Cache in Snapchat on iPhone?


What Happens to My Streak When I Clear Cache on Snapchat?

Nothing will happen to your streak when you clear the cache. This is because when you clear the cache, it only deletes the background files.

It does not affect the data present in your Snapchat app in any way. All your memories, saved photos & chats, videos, and streaks, will remain the same.

What is Cache on Snapchat?

The cache on Snapchat is the files that automatically download in the background so that the app can run smoothly.

For example:

  • If you use any lenses or filters in Snapchat then it will only take time to load when the first time you use it.
  • Because it is saved in the cache. So, once your Snapchat loads the filters then they don't have to load again.
  • You can even use them offline.

So, this is what cache does and it also describes why it is important.

What Happens to the Filters When I Clear Cache on Snapchat?

  1. You can use the filters just like you were using before even after you clear the cache.
  2. You can apply any filter on Snapchat and even search for your favorite filter just like you can apply filters in the canva app.
  3. Because when you load a filter, the cache saves the filter and you do not have to load it again.
  4. If you clear the cache then you may have to load the filters again if you want to use them.

Where Can I See My Snapchat Cache?

You can see the Snapchat cache using the following steps:

  1. On your android device, open the file manager.
  2. Now, find the android folder and open it.
  3. Once you click on the android folder, you have to find the "data" folder.
  4. Now, find the "cache" folder in the "data" folder.
  5. There you can find all the cache saved in the Snapchat app. Also, you can see other apps' cache as well.

Is Clearing the Cache Can Cause Problems in The Snapchat App?

No, it will not cause any major problems. Some of the data may take some time to load but other than that there is no problem.

You can clear the cache to save some storage space. Because sometimes there is a lot of unnecessary data in the cache.

So, it is good to clear it in regular intervals or when your device performs a little slowly.

What Is The Difference Between Clear Cache & Clear Data in Snapchat?

When you clear the data of any app that will delete all your data on the app. If you clear the data of Snapchat then it means that all your photos, videos, memories, and chats will be gone.

If you only clear the cache that it will not delete any of your data on the Snapchat app. It will just delete some of the background files that are not necessary.

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