How to Pay for Lyft

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There are various apps which one uses for the transport services and could ride from any place to another. One can use these services for their comfort by paying a small price for this.

From the various apps one of the apps which are convenient to use is lyft. After using the services one may be wondering that how to pay for lyft and to keep continuing the services again.

There are different methods of paying for the ride on lyft such as –

  1. Google Wallet – There is an app by the name of Google wallet through which one can do the payment to various apps or across.
    In this one need to add the bank account or debit card details into the google wallet so that with one click one could pay it easily without any issues.
    Then if one wants to know that how to pay for lyft then one need to link the lyft account with google wallet.
    For this one can follow these step and could link it –
  • Open the app
  • On right side of the app there is menu. Tap on it.
  • Click on the payment option and tap on google wallet.
  • Fill the details required and click ok.

The google wallet will be added for payment. Whenever once take the ride then one could take option of doing the payment.

  1. Apple Pay – These are available on apple phone or iOS. In this one need to add the credit card or debit card details on this.
    After adding the same one would be able to use this for making the financial transaction.
    So if one wants to know the how to pay for lyft then one could pay through this and the money would automatically gets deducted from the account.
    To link the apple pay account with this then one need to open the apple pay in the payment option and select apple pay on that as a mode of payment after login into the account.
  2. Pay Pal – One need to make an account on the pay pal for doing the transaction. On this one could send and receive money.
    For this one need to create an account and link the same with the bank account. If one wants to know that how to pay for lyft then one could go to the payment option in the menu and click on pay pal.
    After this one need to enter the login details and it would automatically added to the account.
    Then to make the payment one need to choose this as a mode of payment on lyft.
  3. Credit Card – There are various credit cards available such as Visa, Master Card, Maestro and many others.
    These are provided by various banks in collaboration with them. The money used under them is given as credit to the users and after that one need to pay the same after a stipulated time of transaction.
    If wants to know that how to pay for lyft through credit card then it is easy as one could add the credit card details into this and could use it whenever required for paying the fare.
  4. Debit Card – These are the cards which are given when one opens the bank account and for making the transaction easy these are given to the customers.
    With this one can do the transaction as well as take the cash from it through ATM machines.
    If the query is that how to pay for lyft then one can enter the details of debit card into the payment option and could make the payment directly from their account through debit card.

There are various options that how to pay for lyft but one of the methods through which one cannot pay is the cash.
For the payment to the driver cash is not accepted and if one wants to given the tip to the driver then also one need to choose the above method of doing the payment but not cash.

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