How to Organize OneDrive

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OneDrive initially includes some straightforward default folders like "Documents," "Pictures," etc. These are an excellent place to start, but they're not really tailored to your tasks and are somewhat general. Because no two businesses are the same, it's crucial to customise your OneDrive organisation to suit your needs. Let's see how to organize OneDrive.

Organize OneDrive in 8 Steps

Step-1 Open App: First you need to open the OneDrive app on your device. This app remains inbuilt in your phone.

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Step-2 Click "+": After opening the app, click on the + option. This is at the top of your screen.

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Step-3 Click "Create folder": Next you have to choose Folder option.

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Step-4 Enter name & Click "Ok"

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Step-5 Select files & Click three dots

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Step-6 Select "Move"

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Step-7 Select folder

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Step-8 Click on "Move here"

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Thus following these instructions correctly you can now organize OneDrive. Let's


How do I move folders around in OneDrive? file or folder moving instructions:

  • Locate the file or folder you wish to move by browsing.
  • Choose the object you want to move.
  • Select Move to from the navigation menu up top.
  • Browse to the desired folder in the Move to pane, then select Move.

How do you pick the files that get uploaded to OneDrive?

Simply right-click the cloud icon in the taskbar notification area and choose Settings > Account > Choose folders to alter the folders that are synced with your computer. From here, you can get additional account information and modify different OneDrive settings.

What surpasses OneDrive in quality?

For independent users that keep a typical amount of data, Google Drive is better. For teams and businesses conducting extensive heavy-duty archiving or syncing, OneDrive makes more sense. However, in reality, most users will fall somewhere in the middle, using either platform depending on their needs.

Why am I unable to relocate folders in OneDrive?

Relink OneDrive to your PC as Solution 1Simply disconnect OneDrive from your PC, delete the OneDrive folders in a browser, and then reconnect OneDrive to your PC. Afterward, you can move the folders wherever you'd like.

Must I store all of my data on OneDrive?

Save a document you're working on alone to OneDrive. If you don't share your OneDrive files with others, they remain private, which is helpful if you haven't yet established a team.

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