How to Login to Your Account on Discord

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Discord is the ideal place to create accounts and hang out with online friends. You can open an account and Login into your account on discord if you are 13 years old and above.

You can create an account on Discord by providing your details like email, phone, age, nationality, etc., and then accept their terms and conditions. Now you can log in whenever you want to access your account.

You can both log in and log out of Discord whenever you want. If you have logged out mistakenly and don't know how to log in to your account on Discord, you have to follow the guide below.

How to Recover Discord Without Email

5 Steps to Login To Your Account On Discord

Step-1 Open the Discord App: Firstly, find and open the Discord app on your device. You can use the search bar or manually find the app icon.

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Step-2 Click On The Login Button: On the first page of the app, find the login section to sign in to your account. Click on this icon.

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Step-3 Provide Your Email: The new page will ask you to enter your email address or phone number. Enter the required details.

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Step-4  Type the Password: Now, type in the password associated with your account.

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Step-5 Click on Login: After entering the data, click on the login tab. The next page will take you to your account.

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What are the Features of the Discord App?

The Discord app is loaded with a variety of features. The app allows you to customize your profile and server in many ways that you may not know.

Discord users can change their profile details as and when required. You can edit your username and even change your avatar on Discord.

You can create new channels through your server and create events to have fun activities with members. Additionally, you can also add emojis to your Discord server and change their name from time to time.

Can I Operate Discord from Mobile?

People interested in the Discord app can use the app from their mobile phones as well. Discord is compatible with both Apple and Android systems.

First, you have to install and download the app on your mobile. You can find the app at the Apple store or Google Play Store.

You can operate your Discord account from both PC and mobile. All features will be present in both versions. The app is available for free download on mobile and pc.

Can I Unban Blocked People on Discord?

Discord users have both the options of banning and unbanning people. You simply need to go to profile settings to find the list of banned accounts.

You can block someone on Discord for various reasons. There is a provision to enter your reason for banning someone. You can also choose to not mention the reason for the ban.

When you want to unban someone on the app, it will show you the original reason why you had banned the account. This will help you determine if you surely want to unban someone.

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