How to Obtain International Driving License in Chennai

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Obtaining driving license in Chennai is not as difficult as you might be imagining. Basically, an International driving license is permitted to them only who wishes to move or travel abroad and want to drive there. 

Though this international driving license is only permitted to them who already have experience in driving and also hold domestic legal driving license issued by the Government of India (or any particular country) and an applicant must belong to the country of where he/she holds the driving license then only he/she can apply for abroad driving license. 

In this article, you will get to know how you can get an International driving license in Chennai.

International Driving License in Chennai

International Driving License in Chennai

ELIGIBILITY: Before applying for International driving license make sure you have a valid driving license or else your request will be denied. 


1)      Applicant's full name 

2)      His/her father's name 

3)      Exact name of your birth place mentioned in your current driving license and name of the country you belong too. 

4)      Your permanent as well as temporary address. 

5)      Date of birth 

6)      Your education qualification 

7)      Any identification mark (if have) 

8)      Your blood group 

9)      Do not forget to hold all details of your previous International driving license. 


1)      The motor licensing authorities of Chennai also permit International Driving License to the citizen of the country (India). 

2)      Applicant can file an application for IDL can make to any licensing authority of Chennai which holds jurisdiction over that particular area the applicant belongs to. Do don’t forget to carry all your documents above mentioned for International Driving License. 

3)      Indians can drive in abroad country holding IDL which has the validation (maximum) up to one year. 

4)      You are required to have the license of the country you are visiting within one year of permitted to you. 

FEES CHARGED: Rs. 500/- or +Rs. 500/- would be charged to you as a service charge for applying for an international driving license. While filling application for you need to carry these things and also fill them carefully before submitting check twice. 

Read blow to know about documents you must have:

  1. a) You’re driving license.
  2. b) Valid passport
  3. c) Visa of the country you are applying to go.
  4. d) You must have at least 3 passport size photos of your
  5. e) Also take Form-A medical certificate.
  6. f) An identity which proves your Indian Nationality.

You just have to visit the Regional Transport Officer to apply for IDL and you will get it same day without any delay if you have all your documents notified. And for this the applicant only have to visit by him or herself or else it will be straight away rejected by the officer. 

CONCLUSION:  In above article procedure and all documentation is mentioned and still, you have any trouble you can contact us by visiting our social media website. Feel free to give your opinion below. Thank you for reading this article.

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