Gulshan Sharma

Answered 5 years ago

 Steps to contact Uber driver when you lost your phone in the car:

  • 1. Open the Uber app and sign in with your account. 
  • 2. Tap the main menu in the left corner.

  • 3. Tap on ‘your trips’.

  • 4. Tap the trip in which you lost your phone. It will show you the date and time of your trip. You will see some points regarding the trip.
  • 5. Select ‘I lost an item’. Tap on the first option ‘contact my driver about a lost item’. In this option, you have to type your phone number and you can easily contact the driver. 

  • 6. If your driver picks the call and confirms that he has found your phone in the car, then fix a proper time and place to meet for the return the phone to you.
  • 7. If your driver doesn’t respond, then choose the second option ‘I couldn’t reach my driver about a lost item’.
  • 8. You will see a form on app screen. Uber will ask you to fill the form where you have to share all the details and wait for Uber’s response.
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