Gulshan Sharma

Answered 1 year ago

Deleting a message on WhatsApp is very easy. Now you can do it now with WhatsApp’s new feature where you can delete message before someone reads it. The user will not read it if you have send the message by mistake. It’s very easy to delete your any message.

The message delivered then also you can delete it. If someone has seen it and you want to delete it from the chat, then also you can do it. If you delete the picture, it will be disappeared from the chat but will be saved in the phone if it was downloaded already.

You can delete a message with simple quick points:

  • Open your chat.
  • Tap on message for a while
  • Choose the delete option.
  • Choose ‘delete for everyone’ to delete it for the person whom you have sent it.
  • Choose ‘delete for me’ option to delete the message for you.

Now your messages will be deleted.

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