How To Help Poor Peoples And Love

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According to UNICEF, 22,000 children die each day due to poverty. 805 million people all over the world do not have enough food to eat. More than 750 million people lack adequate access to clean drinking water. help poor people


We don’t have any food crisis. There is plenty of food in the world for everyone. But the problem is poor and hungry people, they don’t have enough money to buy food.

All this things are related to Humanity. When you see a poor people do you feel sympathy for them? If yes then you have Humanity. We are trying to motivate you and show you original picture of our beautiful world.

So the thing is how to help the needy and poor people of our society and how to spread light in their lives. Have a look and try in real world. your Single try can save a life.  

1. Poverty has no RELIGION- For helping a poor person you should have broad mind of thinking. First of all you should know that poverty has no religion.

Religion teaches you to have compassion for people around you. All religions are the same and GOD is one. poor people  

2. Collect your old clothes and donate- If you get bored from your clothes and wanted to get rid of them. Don’t throw them away in fact collect them and give them to those who has need them.

Not only this, try to encourage your friends and colleagues to join you and to do some charity. how to help poor people 

3. Plan a day to give food once in a week- First of all don’t waste food at any cost. You have no idea how many poor people sleep empty stomach every day while you waste food.

I have read somewhere this incident that a person asks a child who he is- Muslim or Hindu, the child replies I am hungry sir.

This melts my heart. Giving food is one of the best charities you can do. So, try to plan to serve food to the hungry people once in a week.

 helping poor people 

4. Give free Tuition to poor children- There is no bigger help than to educate a person. Education is a light of life. If you see a child needs help in studies and can’t afford it. Give a helping hand to that child and offer free tuitions. poor people in india 

5. After party and function give remaining food to needy- It happens most of the time that after a party or function so much food remained.

Do not throw it. Give that food to hungry and needy people. This is better to fill someone stomach than to dump it in garbage.

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6. Support poor to get justice- Normally society look at the poor people with content. They treat them like they are not human and do partiality. But it is wrong.

If you see this kind of injustice with them raise your voice. They are also a part of our society. Be human and help them.

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7. Encourage your parents to help them- It will be amazing if your parents support you in helping the poor’s. Encourage them to do so. Involve them in charity activities. Let them feel the peace after doing these things.  

8. Talk into your youth group- Not only the parents even the youth can be helpful in your charity. The youths are the saplings for society.

If they become helpful to the downtrodden and the poor than society will also become prosperous. Make groups, organize charity events and spread the word ‘Help the poor and needy’.  

9. Help poor girl to marry- In India people sees a child as a burden. The reason is the marriage of girl child needs lots of money. The rich can afford it but the poor sees it like curse because a monster named dowry is also there in India.

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10. Buy books for poor child who can’t afford- As we have said education gives light and direction to one’s life. So, always try to help the poor at least in education.

If you see a child around you who cannot afford books for studies then try to buy that child books. You can also give your previous classes books to that child if you have not studying them. Don’t sell back to the book shop. poor children 

11. Donate a part of allowance to the poor and needy- If you see a person around you is so poor that cannot meet to her/his basic needs. You can do one thing in this case.

You get many allowances apart your salary. You can daily save little money from that allowance and after sometime that little money can be proved helpful to the poor.  

12. Offer jobs to them- If a poor person is willing to do a work and you are able to give her/him job then just go for it. Earning money is far better than taking it for granted.

Because of work the poor person can develop her/his personality, confidence and make life meaningful. So, try to give jobs to the poor and the needy. poor people help  

13. If you are Doctor Give free services- Doctors are considered God on earth because they can give a new life to one. But the fee of doctors and the treatment money any disease seems so costly to the poor.

If you are doctor try to give free service to those who cannot afford your medical fees. Also you can give them free medicines.  

14. Be humble at their mistake- Nobody is perfect in this world and so do the human. We have seen that if a poor person does a mistake we become so harsh to him.

Try not to do this because anyone can do mistake. Not a big deal. Be humble with him and talk over the mistake with kindness. That piece of talk will make him believe humanity.  

15. Build a washroom for the poor- We have poor people don’t have washrooms so they use an open ground as their washroom. This is not only dirty but also makes people sick because of dirtiness.

They do because they can’t afford a washroom. Try to help them make washroom for them. If they become hygienic they remain healthy.

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16- Social media- Today the social media can be very helpful in these matters. You can post your events related to donation or charity for poor on facebook, twitter and all.

Your post spreads like fire. More and more people join you in noble cause. The more people the more you can do for poor and needy.  

17. Better understanding- the best to help the poor to have a better understanding between you and them. If this happens they will tell you there problems and you can help them more easily. Have feeling of humanity with them.

Respond with a smile, wipe their tears, share your happiness with them etc. there are endless ways to help them. Be human and spread humanity.

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