How to Help Poor People Without Giving Money

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People who really want to help someone no need money only need heart and passion. Do you have a passion? If you really have the passion for helping someone, money can't stop you. Do whatever you can for poor people. and I am 100% sure you will find the way if you are really passionate and listening to voice of your heart.

Start from wherever some struggle will come initially but you will get the something that you can't find anywhere else. Help Poor People

Help Poor People Without Giving Money

Here we are showing you 23 ways to help poor without money… Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyEducate them about their rights: By educating poor about their rights you can help them to know their fundamental rights. You can make them aware of their basic rights which include, rights to equality, freedom, right to freedom of religion, right to education and so on.

Basic education: Most of the poor children do not even get the basic education because their parents cannot afford to pay the school fee.

You can contribute in providing them basic education by giving free education to the poor ones of your area in your free time, or by paying the fee, for books and dress for their school. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyGive Food: As we all know that food is the basic requirement for everyone to survive, we can always help poor people and kids by offering them food. 

Almost every day we left food on our plates, in restaurants; at weddings and so on, then why cannot we offer that food to the needy people who cannot afford to buy.  

In many countries like India Canada UK USA, there are some NGOs who work for the poor and you can easily donate the leftover food from weddings and other functions so that they can give that food to poor people.

Invite them to the wedding or any function to take the food: In our wedding ceremony or in any functions, the large amount of food is getting wasted.

But if invite poor to our wedding ceremonies or functions, we can give the extra food to them.  If you cannot invite them, there are some non-profit organizations that collect the extra food from the weddings and functions and then distribute that food to poor. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyHelp how to use mobile phone: Now a day’s everyone can afford a mobile phone, including poor, but they don’t know how to use mobile phones. 

Presently when everything is available online, make them learn how to use mobile phone to get education online.  Also when everything is getting digital, help them to do their banking requirements through mobile phones.

Make awareness about Government scheme- There are so many  Government schemes there for poor to make their lives bit easy, but because of lack of education and information they don’t even know them.

You can tell them about various government schemes for their welfare in details and how to use them. Create awareness among peopleCreate awareness among people: in our society, there are so much more people who want to help poor but don’t know from where and how to start.

You can create awareness among them by telling them how they can contribute in helping poor by offering them food, by giving them education and so many things.

Contact and work with NGOs: There are so many NGOs who work for the welfare of the poor. You can contact such organizations and offer your free services to them, or you can donate anything to them like food, money cloths, books etc so that they can help poor. Knit sweaters for the poorKnit sweaters for the poor: Every night is a winter to them. Let them not die to hypothermia during the nights. Give them the morning. Help poor by knitting a sweater for them or for their children, to save them from the cold.

They cannot afford to buy new one, so it will be a gift to them from you. If you don’t know how to knit, you can buy one from the market or ask someone else to knit it for you.

Bored on Sundays? Visit a Pension Pay office: Procedure to get it is simple but Innocence makes it a big deal. Go help innocents get their Pension.

Many poor or old people face difficulties to get their pension from the offices.  Help them with this in your free time by filling their forms and going with them. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyIf you are really a student, Literate a child: If you are also a student, you know the importance of education very well. Use your ability to teach and literate a child.

Leftover food after your cousin’s marriage? Call NGO…They’ll take the food and distribute to the poor. Their blessings are more powerful: In wedding ceremonies and functions food for thousand is getting wasted.

But you can help poor to receive that food by calling NGO. They collect the leftover food and distribute to the poor. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneySocial Media: Raise his or her voice on social media. In present days social media plays a very critical role in raising any issue.

By putting the needs of poor and needy in the social media will help the poor people getting noticed by the people or organizations who want to help them.

Donate old cloths: Poor people do not have enough cloths to wear, and few of them cannot even afford to buy new. If we cannot buy them new cloths, we can always donate our old cloths to them. 

Donate some warm cloths especially in the winter season to protect them from cold. Tuition or CoachingTuition or Coaching: Poor cannot afford to go to coaching centers and get the coaching from them to reach the higher education or pay tuition fee. 

But by giving them free tuition in your free time you can help them with their studies. Or you can afford to pay fees for their coating for their higher studies.

Find and help Orphan Child: If you know any orphan child in your area or somewhere you can help that child by taking care of his/her basic needs. You can even go to any orphan organization to adopt any orphan or offer and donate your help there. Give right adviceGive right advice: You can always help poor by guiding them for their day to day workYou can guide them by giving right advice for their studies, their rights, and their work and so on.

Show the value of education: You can help poor by showing them the importance of education. You can guide them that they can earn good and fulfill their requirements on their own if they are educated. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyHelp to find groom: As poor people cannot afford to find a good groom on their own, you can help them with all the basic requirement and planning of marriage by guiding them what to see in a groom and ask questions about profession and family.

Help in their wedding: Go and help in their wedding physically. You can help them by doing some wedding related work physically or we can give them something useful for them as a wedding gift. Help Poor People Without Giving MoneyGive your contact number: Give your contact number and tell them if they need anything or they are in some kind of problem, they can call you.

Give them job at your home or office: You can help them financially also but by giving them some kind of work or job at your own home or office.

Be humble: You can help poor even by being humble to them. talk with them politely and listen to them carefully so that you can help them with their needs.

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