How to Give All Photos Access to Gmail App in iPhone

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Give all photos access to the Gmail app on your iPhone in order to be able to attach photos and videos in your emails. You can even change the background in Gmail (App/web) with its help. So, what's stopping you? Learn to give this desired access to your Gmail account in the following steps.

How to Allow Access to Photos on iPhone

Give All Photos Access to Gmail App on iPhone in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Settings: In your iPhone's settings, you will find the option to give all photos access to Gmail App in your iPhone. So, you have to open the 'Settings app first of all.

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Step-2 Swipe down: Then, you have to scroll down or swipe down until you reach the option of the 'Gmail' application in the provided list.

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Step-3 Tap Gmail: Then, you have to choose the 'Gmail app by clicking or tapping on it just a single time.

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Step-4 Tap On 'Photos': After opening up the 'Gmail' application section, you have to select the 'Photos' option from the 'ALLOW GMAIL TO ACCESS' section.

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Step-5 Tap On 'All Photos': Finally, go give access to all the photos, you just choose the option that says 'All Photos' from the given three options:

  • Selected Photos
  • All Photos
  • None
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After performing the above 5 steps correctly in the given sequence, you will notice that now your Gmail app has the acces to all the photos in your device.


How Can I Let Google Photos Access all Photos?

In order to let Google photos access all the photos on your device, you have to permit it for doing this. This option is available in the settings of which device you are using whether it's an Android or an iPhone.

Can Gmail Misuse My Photos?

No, Gmail or any other Google application or software would never misuse your personal information or data like photos, passwords, accounts, videos, etc.

You can read the privacy policy of Google or Gmail for a better understanding of the terms and conditions.

Can Other Emails Access My Google Photos?

No, any other email apart from your own email/Gmail account, can ever access your Google photos.

Only those Gmail accounts can view your Google Photos, with whom you have shared your data intentionally or by your own choice. Make sure to keep the password of your Google photos safe in order to avoid data leakage.

Does Gmail Also Need Permission for Media Access?

Gmail does not need permission for media access until you want to join a meeting through the 'Google Meet' feature in Gmail.

In the latest version, Gmail has inculcated the Google meet feature in the same app for some reasons. You can disable Google Meet in the Gmail app if you want.

What Does 'Allow access to media only' Mean Exactly?

The meaning of 'Allow access to media only' is to be able to access audio/video/pictures in standard directories only.

Whereas, 'Manage all files' means to allow access to all types of files in your device's storage.


We hope that you have found the article easy to understand and self-explanatory. Now that you know how to give all photos access to Gmail, feel free to share it with your friends and colleagues.

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