How to Get Google Calendar on iPhone

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Google Calendar is a time management service where you can see all the details of a calendar. You can create your events on the calendar. It will remind you to get updated to every information. You can set reminder on Google Calendar. Let’s see how you can get Google Calendar on iPhone.

Steps to get Google Calendar in iPhone:

Google Calendar is available on iPhone. Just see quick steps to get Google Calendar in your iPhone:

  1. Open app store: App store is the app to download app in iPhones. Open it.
  2. Tap on search tab: Tap on search tab at the bottom right corner.
  3. Tap on search: Tap on search section at the top.
  4. Enter Google Calendar: Now enter ‘Google Calendar’ and search it.
  5. Open the app: Now tap on the Google Calendar and open it.
  6. Tap on ‘get’: Tap on ‘get’ below the app’s name.
  7. Open Google Calendar: Now open Google Calendar when download gets complete.

That’s how you can get Google Calendar and use it in your iPhone.

Now you need to sync the calendar with your iPhone. Just see quick steps:

  1. Open the app: Open ‘Google Calendar’ app.
  2. Sign in with Google: Now sign in with your Gmail account. If you have already signed in iPhone then open it.
  3. Tap on three bars: Tap on three bars menu
  4. Tap on ‘settings’: Scroll down and tap on ‘settings’ option.
  5. Tap on ‘manage accounts’: Tap on ‘manage accounts’ option.
  6. Tap on Gmail: Tap on ‘Gmail’ option. Swipe right and it turns blue.

Next you must choose which calendars to sync to your iPhone. To complete this you need to follow the website on your phone browser. Just see qucikl steps to learn it:

  1. Open your browser: Open your phone browser.
  2. Go to Google Calendar: Open your phone browser. Visit
  3. Complete the sign in: Sign in with your Gmail account, which you have added in the app.
  4. Tick the check box: now you will see a list of all your calendars with check box for each one. Tick the cjheck boxes of the calendars, you want to sync with your iPhone.
  5. Complete the process: Shared calendars that you don’t have administrative control over need to be selected individually, and the default setting is “Off”. This means that when a new calendar is shared, you will have to go back to the website and configure again.
  6. Save the process: Click on ‘save’ option.
  7. Open the app again: Now open Google Calendar app on your iPhone and wait for it to sync.

That’s how you can get Google calendar synced with iPhone.


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