How To Get FSSAI Food License In India

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Food products are manufactured, processed, stored, transported, and distributed all across India by various business owners. The proprietors, managers, transport services, wholesale, and retail distributors all play their part in ensuring continuous food supply. 

The Indian Government recognizes this service and offers licensing and registration to various food business owners to enhance their reputation, and service quality. In addition, The consumers are also benefitted due to the higher quality of nutritious and safe food. 

FSSAI or Food Safety and Standards Authority of India is the central organization responsible for issuing food licenses to eligible business owners.

What is the FSSAI?

FSSAI full form is Food Safety and Standards Authority of India.  it's an autonomous body that functions under the Indian Government's Health and Family Welfare Ministry. 

It was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act (FSS) of 2006 to bring all the food related issues onto a single platform. 

The FSS act is a collection of laws, rules, and regulations for the prevention of food adulteration for ensuring high-quality standards of fruits, meats, vegetable oils, edible oils, de-oiled meal, edible flour, and milk products.

What are the functions of FSSAI?

The primary function of FSSAI is to protect and promote public health by regulating and supervising various aspects of food safety. Additional duties include -

  • Promote awareness and distribute information related to food safety and nutrition standards.
  • Regulate import, manufacture, storage, distribution, and sale of food products.
  • Apply scientifically tested methods to ensure fortification of food items using nutrients and micronutrients.
  • Ensure Indians consume wholesome and nutritious food of high standards.
  • Issue Licenses/Registrations for Food Business Operators in Manufacturing, Storage, Import, Export, Regional Distribution, Marketing, and Sales.

What is FSSAI License and FSSAI Registration?

Food business owners have to apply for certification from either the State or Central Governments to ensure safety standards in food production, processing, and distribution. 

Different types of certificates are issued to different food businesses on the basis of their nature, location, production capacity, total number of retail stores, annual turnover, etc.

How many types of FSSAI Licenses are there in India?

There are four major types of licenses that are issued by the FSSAI authorities. They include

  • Central License (Form 'B')
  • State License (Form 'B')
  • State Registration/ Basic License(Form 'A')
  • Railway License 

Who is eligible for FSSAI License?

For the State and Central certificates the following food business groups are eligible:

  • Manufacturers, Importers, Exporters.
  • Cold Storage Units, Wholesalers.
  • Retailers, Distributors, Transporters, Suppliers.
  • Caterers, Clubs, Restaurants, Hotels, Marketers.
  • Food Catering Services at Central Organizations like Airport, Seaport, Defence Establishments, and Government Agencies.

Railway License applies to Caterers, Clubs, Restaurants, Dhabas, Boarding Houses, Hawkers, Food Stalls, Tea Shops, Snack sellers, and other petty retailers located on Railway premises across India.

What type of FSSAI license should food business owners take?

  • The basic license/ registration is issued to businesses with less than 12 lakh of annual turnover.
  • State Licenses are issued for medium to large scale units with up to 20 crores annual turnover.
  • Manufacturing units, Businesses, and Allied operators with more than 20 crores of annual turnover have to apply for Central License. 

Note: Other factors like location of food plant or storage unit, and production capacity of various food products are also taken into consideration.

How To Get FSSAI Food License In India?

State and Central Licenses can be taken from respective State and Central authorities by submitting valid application forms using the online Food Licensing & Registration System (FLRS). 

The license is issued for a period of 1 year by State, Central Governments, and Konkan/Indian Railways. The FSSAI's jurisdiction covers all the States and Union Territories of India. 

The online FLRS portals of all the issuing departments can be accessed any time to pay the required fees, submit application forms and upload all the necessary documents.

How to apply online for FSSAI License?

  1. Visit FASSAI Website: First, You have to open the official website of FSSAI in the browser. FSSAI   

2. Check your eligibility: Go through the eligibility terms based on the type of food business. fssai license   

3. Go through fee structure and required documents: Confirm the fee structure and list of PDF documents for online submission. fssai license   

4. Complete Registeration: Sign in with your username and password or register for an online account. fssai registration   

5. Fill Required details: Fill in the complete details of the FLRS application form. fssai registration   

6. Go for payment: Pay the fees using online(Net banking, Credit card, Debit card) or offline mode(DD, Challan) as applicable. 

7. Submit Documents:Upload all the necessary documents in PDF file format. 

8. Submit the form: Make final submission of application form only after completing all the required steps. Finally, Track your application progress during the processing stage. 

What is FSSAI Licensing Fee?

  • Central License - Rs 7500
  • State - Rs 2000 - Rs 5000
  • Basic Registration - Rs 100
  • Railways - Rs 2000 

What Type Of Documents Are Required?

In addition to application form, the following documents have to be uploaded using the online mode, wherever applicable -

  • Address Proof, ID Proof of Personnel/Owners/Management/Partners
  • Business/Plant/Unit's Address Proof and Blueprint/layout
  • List Of Equipment, Machines, Capacity, Horsepower, etc.,
  • Ownership/Sale Deed/Rental Agreement of business premises
  • Partnership Deed/Proprietorship Affidavit/Coop Act Certificate/etc.,
  • NOC, License Copies From Manufacturers
  • Food Safety Management System or plan, etc., 

What types of Licensing facilities are available online?

The FSSAI website has following online facilities for food business owners -

  • User login facility to complete the application process in multiple steps.
  • Issue of new Central or State License, and State Registration Certificate.
  • Conversion of existing license from one type to another.
  • Renewal of an existing State or Central license or registration.
  • Modification of personal and official details in the existing license.
  • Check the progress of your licensing using application status tracking feature.

Note: FSSAI communicates with Food Business Owners through email and SMS during different stages of application form submission and processing.

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