GAMCA is the medical examination that a person undergoes to get eligible for working in Gulf co-operation and countries(GCC). The countries that come under GCC are Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, and Qatar. GAMCA means Gulf approved Medical Centers Association. 

It has branches throughout the world. Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital, is no exception to it. GAMCA Dhaka is available for the service of the people.


GAMCA examination is as important as passport and visa. It is required only in the Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Philippines, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia. GCC medical test and GAMCA test are one and the same.

History of GAMCA Dhaka

On realizing the importance of GAMCA, offices for it was set up in South Asia. The Dhaka GAMCA center was launched on 20th September 1999 with a meeting of owners of the medical care centers. 

It has brought real sense in the manpower business, which was not there when open medical checkup was there. 

The open checkup was not accurate and led many people to come the native without any earnings after the re-checkup was conducted in the GCC countries.

Services Offered by GAMCA Dhaka

  • To develop and coordinate the medical procedures for gulf countries.
  • To bring equality to the medical centers.
  • To execute the instructions given by the Executing Board for Health minister’ council for GCC states.
  • To coordinate member medical centers with GCC states
  • To ensure medical check-up to for a number of people
  • To ensure the technical team is familiarized with the state of the art workshops.
  • To ensure that medical team is available for natural calamities
  • To request more recruitment from Bangladesh

Address of the GAMCA Dhaka is as follows

Office Address 1: GCC Approved Medical Centre’s Association, House No. 4/A. Road number 94 Gulsan -2, Dhaka 1212 Bangladesh Phone:88-02-8815416, 8850471 Fax: 88-02 8881775 Email:

Office Address 2: 2506/2506 Madani Avenue, Vatara (100 feet road) Dhaka 1212 On failing the test, you cannot visit the GCC approved countries. So you have to take the test seriously to get into the GCC countries. In this article, I am going to share the procedure to pass GAMCA in Dhaka. 


The following are the procedure for your test of GAMCA Dhaka.

  1. Application for the test: GAMCA will collect the medical requests from the candidates.
  2. Getting the Medical Number: Candidate will be assigned a unique number called GAMCA number with the medical center details you have to visit.
  3. GAMCA will send your details to the Health Center.
  4. Tests conducted: Medical centers will take medical tests and give a report attached to your GAMCA number. You have to pay the GAMCA Medical fee for the various tests conducted with international standards. Tests are a physical test, mental test, eye test, dental test, X-ray test, urine test, blood test, etc.
  5. Unfit candidate information: If one candidate is unfit, as the detailed report will be submitted to the GAMCA. It maintains a record in the computers and a confidential report will be sent to the relevant consulates.
  6. Daily report to GAMCA: Daily reports are sent to GAMCA through fax, regarding the status of the candidate’s medical report with reference to the GAMCA number.
  7. Daily report for the consulate: Similarly, GAMCA sends a fax about the details of the candidate to consulates on daily basis.

If you have any serious diseases like Lung scars or white spot, Heart Murmur, Hepatitis B etc. you are not needed to go for GAMCA Dhaka, as it will be waste of money and time.