How to Find Latitude and Longitude in Google Maps

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You must have learned about latitudes and longitudes being imaginary lines that go through the spherical surface of the earth. You can easily find latitude and longitude in Google Maps for any location. But firstly, let us get a brief on what are those to get a better idea of the process.

  • When you use google maps, you are making the use of GPS, that is the Global Positioning System.
  • Now, this positioning is set according to the latitudes and longitudes and thus, help us find an exact location of a particular place.
  • The latitudes are horizontal and run east to west. As our earth is circular, they run in a circular pattern, parallel to the equator. Equator is the central line that divides the earth into northern and southern hemispheres.
  • On the other hand, longitudes are vertical running from north to south.
  • To clarify, these are imaginary lines and they help us pinpoint specific locations.
  • Know-How to Enter Latitude and Longitude in Google Maps?

So, with this refresher of the concept, let us learn how to find these coordinates with the help of Google Maps.

Find Latitude and Longitude in Google Maps in 5 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Google Maps: If you are using an Android device, you will already have the application of google maps. However, if you are using Apple, then you will have to download the application of google maps from the app store.

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Step-2 Go to the Search box: Once you install and load the application, go to the search box.

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Step-3 Search the Location: Now, for example, search for any random location. For instance, we are using India Gate here. You can enter any location of your surrounding that you are aware of.

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Step-4 Long Press the Pin: The search might take a few seconds to load. Once it is done, you will see a red location pin on the specific location that you searched for. To find latitude longitude google maps, long press on the pin.

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Step-5 Your Answer in the Search Box: By long pressing on the pin, the value of latitude and longitude appear in the search box respectively. You can copy it to the clipboard or use it for getting the exact location of the place. Like this, you will reach there without any delay and confusion.

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How Does it Help?

When you find latitude longitude google maps, you are sure to reach your location using them. These coordinates also help us know the type of climate that a particular place or region has. It is even responsible for the date and time zone of the place. The GMT time zones of various regions are based on latitudes and longitudes only. If you study geography, you can calculate the exact time of a particular place with the help of its longitude and latitude without having to look at a clock.

How Do They Form a Location?

When the horizontal latitude and vertical longitude intersect with each other, they form a point. Each of these points is a specific location. Just imagine how many points such constant intersections would create! So, to not get lost in the jungle of location points, you can search a location with the help of its coordinates, that is latitude and longitude.

Learn this trick and merge it with your knowledge of geography. It will help you in foreign time zones and unknown places. And did you know, you can also measure distance on google maps?

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