How to Find Drafts on Gmail App in iPhone

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Drafts are the unfinished emails in the Gmail app. There are drafts in apps like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. You must know where to find drafts on the Gmail app on your iPhone or find drafts in facebook. You can even delete Instagram drafts on your iPhone. For now, let's learn more about Gmail Drafts.

How to save email as draft in Gmail app

Find Drafts on Gmail App on iPhone in 3 Steps

Step-1 Go To Your 'Gmail Inbox: In order to go to your Gmail inbox, you have to open the 'Gmail app on your iPhone in the following steps:

  • Switch on your iPhone.
  • Then, find 'Gmail' in your App Gallery.
  • Click on this icon to open it.
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Step-2 Click On the 'More' Icon: Now, you will find the hamburger icon of the 'More' menu in the leftmost corner at the top of the home screen of Gmail. Just click on it to open the drop-down menu.

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Step-3 Tap On 'Drafts': In this drop-down menu, you will easily find the 'Drafts' tab where you will find all the email drafts that have been automatically saved by Gmail in your account.

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These 3 steps are enough to take you to the 'Drafts' section in the Gmail app of your iPhone. Also, you can alter or edit these drafts however you want.


Can I Delete The Email Drafts on My iPhone?

As we have told you that Gmail automatically saves the Drafts emails that you leave in the middle while composing.

Many of the Drafts might be of no use to you. So, as a user of the Gmail app, you can easily delete email drafts on your iPhone.

Why Am I Not Able to See Drafts in The Gmail App on my iPhone?

If you are not able to find email drafts in your iPhone's Gmail app then, it might be hidden due to some settings or internal glitches. Go through your phone's settings and Gmail settings once again to find the problem.

How Can I Recover a Draft Email in Gmail?

In order to recover a draft email in the Gmail app of your iPhone, you have to take the help of the 'Undo' action or the 'Undo' button.

  • You might have noticed that when you discard a draft in Gmail, you will notice a popup at the bottom left corner of the email with the 'Undo' button.
  • Just click on this button and the draft will be immediately recovered.

Does iPhone Saves Message Drafts Also?

iPhone has the in-built setting due to which it saves message drafts by default.

When you are typing a message and leave it mid-way without sending then, it gets saved as a message draft.

Where Can I My Google Drafts?

To find your Google Drafts, you have to:

  • Click on the 'Drafts' section from the page menu on the left-hand side.
  • You will find a table of drafts.
  • This table will show all the data/information about your draft.

Similarly, you can also find and save Tiktok video drafts.

Drafts are saved automatically in Gmail in order to save your unfinished emails or messages for future use. If you don't know where to find them, then this article is very important for you.

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