How to Find Adobe Scan Files

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Are you unable to locate the files that you scan on Adobe Scan? Don't worry. This guide will help you find Adobe scan files. When you capture a document and save it as a PDF, it does not show on your mobile device. That is because the application does not save any PDFs into your mobile's folders. The PDFs are directly saved in the application and you can access it from there itself. Let us learn how.

Find Adobe Scan Files in 3 Steps

Here, you will learn to locate the previously scanned files and know where they are saved inside the Adobe Scan application.

Step-1 Open Adobe Scan: On your mobile device, you need to start the application of Adobe scan. Do not go around searching for your scanned files in your file manager. Just open Adobe scan app.

  • If you scanned some applications in the past and then removed the application, you can download it again.
  • You just need to remember the mail ID that you used earlier.
  • Install the application on your device from the play store and get going.

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Step-2 Go to Home Icon: By opening the application, you see that your camera launches by default. However, to find Adobe scan files, you need to go to the home icon.

  • You can see the icon that is in the shape of a house at the top-left corner of the screen.
  • Click on that to find your files.

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Step-3 The Files will Appear: Thus, here, you will be able to see all your files. The files that you scanned are visible here with the dates of their creation. Use or share the one you want to.

  • There are certain options besides the PDFs.
  • You can share them with others through any application directly from here. You just need to click on the share icon.
  • Save it in a JPEG format if required. They are directly saved to your photo gallery.
  • You can edit the past PDFs any time from here.

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What If I Uninstall Adobe Scan?

If you save the files on your device by downloading them from Adobe Scan, uninstalling will not delete them. If you haven't, well reinstall the Adobe scan application. Now, you need to make sure that you log in to the application with the same mail ID as previous use.

  • By using the same mail ID, you will find all your files very easily by following the above-listed steps.
  • However, if you use some other ID, then you will lose your files.

How to Make Sure My Files Are Not Lost?

To make sure that the files can always stay with you, connect the application to Adobe cloud. This is just like how you backup and restore WhatsApp messages with Google drive. So, after connecting with the cloud, keep the backup on for it. You can even download the PDF files to your device by using the more option available besides the files. Like this, you will not lose them.

However, you must always keep hard copies of your documents. So, whenever you do not find any file, you can take the hard copy, scan it again, and save it as a PDF using Adobe scan.

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