How to Enable Dark Theme in Discord

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Discord app allows users to customize its display and enable dark themes in Discord whenever they want. Discord users can even change the language on Discord to suit their needs.

The default theme of the Discord app is a white background with black lettering. However, you can enable a dark theme in Discord for your convenience.

The dark theme is preferred by people because it's comfortable on the eyes and easy to use in the dark. You can even switch between the themes when required.

If you want to enable dark themes in Discord, read this guide to know the process.

How to Unlock Secret Dark Theme on Discord

5 Steps to Enable Dark Theme in Discord

Step-1 Open the Discord App: In the first step, open your device and find the Discord app. You can use the search bar to find the app. Click on the Discord app icon.

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Step-2 Tap Your User Profile Icon: On the first page of the app, find your profile picture or icon. Click on the profile icon. It will be located at the bottom of the page.

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Step-3 Select ‘Appearance’ Under ‘App Settings’: Now, the app settings page will open. From here, select the Appearance option located below the text and images option.

Image titled dark theme in discord step 3

Step-4 Select Dark Button: Now, tap the radio button next to ‘Dark’. The option will be located under the themes heading. The screen will immediately go dark.

Image titled dark theme in discord step 4

Step-5 Toggle Switch to Sync: Tap the blue toggle button next to ‘Sync across clients’ in the ‘Sync’ section below ‘Theme’. It will be located under the sync heading. You are done setting the dark theme.

Image titled dark theme in discord step 5

Can I Restrict My Profile Visibility?

Discord users can restrict their profile visibility. By default, their accounts are accessible to everyone on the Discord app.

Many users may not be comfortable with this setting. The app allows you to change your visibility and determine who can add you to their profile.

You can customize your profile visibility to friends, friends of friends, and everyone. You can choose any one of these options.

Can I Change My Profile Picture on Discord?

Discord users can change their profile pictures on the app. You can let the profile picture be the default icon of the Discord app as well.

You can change your avatar in Discord by navigating to the profile settings page. This option will be available when you click on your profile picture.

You have to upload a picture from your gallery to set the avatar. You can also change and remove the profile picture when you want.

Can I Use My Language For the Discord App?

Discord users can change the language of the app to suit their needs. They can select the language of their choice and set it as the default language for display.

You have to go to profile settings to access the language tab. The option will show you a list of 30 languages to choose from.

Remember that you can only choose a language from the list. If the language is not present, the app language cannot be changed to include it.

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