How to Embed Google Calendar

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Google Calendar is very popular service by Google, which provides the time management tools such as events, reminders, task etc. You can set up your own Calendar as well. When you create a Calendar, you can actually embed it to other websites.

You can use your Calendar to other platforms. Let’s see how you can embed Google Calendar.

Steps to embed Google Calendar:

You can embed Google Calendar only on the desktop. It’s not available on mobile devices. Just see few steps to understand how you can embed your own calendar on Google Calendar.

  1. Open your browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Go to Google Calendar: Go to Google Calendar website.
  3. Complete the sign in: Complete the sign in with your Google Account.
  4. Click on settings icon: Click on settings icon at the top.
  5. Click on ‘settings’: Click on ‘settings’ option.
  6. Click on your Calendar: Click on Your calendar, which you want to embed at the left side.
  7. Go to ‘integrate Calendar’: Scroll down and go to ‘Integrate Calendar’ section.
  8. Copy the iFrame code: In this section, you see some codes. Click on the iFrame code and copy it.
  9. Make Embed code customize: Now make your embed code to customize. You see this option below the embed code. Click on ‘customize’ option.
  10. Choose the options for embed: A new page will open. Choose the option at the left side regarding embed. You can select the people with whom you want to display the Calendar.
  11. Copy the HTML code: now you can see the HTML code in the box at the right side of the all options. Copy the code from the box.

That’s how embed Google Calendar. You can make it public if you want to share your Calendar with Public.

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