How to Download and Install Google Calendar

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Google provides many services to the people and one of them is google calendar. It is used for the purpose of time management, creating or editing the events. Google Calendar can be easily installed by the help of play store or App Store, you can also sync your google calendar with your Google account.

Steps to Download Google Calendar

Now, we are going to tell you how you can easily install or download the google calendar for your android and iPhone in below steps.

How to Download Google Calendar on Android

  1. Launch google play store: Open the google play store and type Google calendar in search bar. Install the app by tapping on the name and wait until the installation finished.
  2. Open the google calendar app: Now, you can open the google calendar app, after it's installation or you can see the icon of google calendar in your and you can also open it.
  3. Start Using it: When you open the google calendar you will be asked if you would like to sign in with your Google account. After login, You can easily create or edit the events.

At last, we can say, that is very simple and effective method through which you can easily install and download the google calendar. Google Calendar allows users to create and edit events. Reminders can be enabled for events, with options available for type and time.

Steps for installing google calendar on Desktop:

Google calendar is not only used in android or iPhones, but we can also add it to our desktop. Time management,  handling task, remembering the dates of special occasion all this can be simply done by google calendar and it's very useful for those people who spent their most of times on laptops or PC. There are numerous steps through which we are going to tell you how simply you can install or download google calendar.

How to Install Google Calendar on desktop

  1. Open Google Chrome: Turn on your pc and open google chrome. If you have google account then you can login otherwise you can create an account and then login.
  2. Complete Login: after signing up, you can see a dot boxed shape icon on the top-right corner of the web page that’s Google apps, Click on that and you can see multiples apps are there.
  3. Click on Google Calendar icon:  Click on the blue-colored, rectangle-shaped and the name written on that is calendar.
  4. Start Using it: Click on the calendar icon, and you can directly redirect to it. Now, you can add an event, reminder with the date and time, you can also add the title to it.

There is number of methods through which you can install or download the google calendar. We have only discussed one of them, because of its simplicity and less complexity.

Steps for installing google calendar on iPhone:

In past, when people try to add google calendar to their iPhones that ’s requires a bit of other tools. But now, iPhones supports the google accounts and people can setup their google calendar easily.

There are numbers of methods through which we can add the calendar and we are going to discuss one of them.

How to Install Google Calendar on iPhone

  1. Open Settings: First, you have to open the setting on your iPhone.
  2. Select password and account option: You can see the password and account option in the bottom of setting, click on that.
  3. Tap on 'Add account' option: Select 'Add Account' from the bottom of the list.
  4. Select Google option: You can see number options like iCloud, exchange, yahoo but select Google.
  5. Enter Email: Now, enter Gmail email-id and password. If you want to sync your  Calendar then select and save it.
  6. Wait for sync.: you have to wait only for few minutes for the sync of calendar with your iPhone.
  7. Open Calendar: You can see the google calendar is now perfectly installed in your computer. You can change add or delete an event according to your priorities.

Using the google calendar on the iPhone is now very easy, the only thing that is required is your google account, through which you can install it.

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