How to Create Google Calendar

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Google Calendar gives such unique features that you can make your time management work very easier and fast. You can even create Google Calendar on your choice with adding your time zone. You can do it easily and use it in Google Calendar.

Let’s see how you can create your own Google Calendar.

Steps to create Google Calendar:

You can create a Google Calendar only on the desktop. It’s not available on mobile devices. Just see few steps to understand how you can create your own calendar on Google Calendar.

  1. Open the browser: Open your preferred browser.
  2. Go to Google Calendar: Go to the Google Calendar website.
  3. Complete sign in: Sign in with your Google account.
  4. Click add other calendars: Click on plus icon, which is showing ‘add other calendars’ at top of ‘my calendars’ option.
  5. Choose new calendar: Now choose ‘new calendar’ option.
  6. Set the name: Write the name of the calendar.
  7. Add the description: Now add the description of the calendar in the next box.
  8. Set the time zone: Set the time zone. You can set the time zone according to the place.
  9. Click on create calendar: Click on ‘create calendar’ option at the bottom right corner.

That’s how you can create your own Calendar. You can create more by using the same options.

How to see and make changes in your calendar

You can see your created Calendar in my calendar where you can make changes to your Calendar at any time. Just see few steps to understand this:

  1. Open Google Calendar: Open Google Calendar and sign in with Google.
  2. Click on my calendar: Click on ‘my calendar’ option at the left side. Here, you can see your all created calendars.
  3. Choose your calendar: Choose your Calendar, which you want to see and make changes.
  4. Click on three dots: Click on three dots menu.
  5. Click on ‘settings and sharing’: Click on ‘settings and sharing’ option.
  6. Make changes: Now you see some options regarding the changes. You can change the name of the calendar. You can hide your calendar.

There are many options to complete the changes. Choose your option and do it on your Calendar.

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