How to Create Channel on Discord

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Create a channel on Discord to chat and make friends online. The app also allows people to hang out through voice and text channels which you can create anytime.

Discord channels are a great way to make communities of your own. You can also add and block someone on Discord channels.

Discord channels can be both voice and video-based and the topic can be anything like memes, bots, interests, gaming, etc.

If you also want to learn how to create a channel on Discord, you have to follow the simple guide given below.

How To Make A Stage Discord's Channel

Create Channel on Discord in 7 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open the Discord app: In the very first step, open the Discord app on your device. You can find it easily using the search bar for apps on your device.

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Step-2 Click on the Three Dots Icon: From the homepage, go to your discord server. There will be a three dots icon next to the server name. Click ok it.

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Step-3 Choose Create Channel: Now on the new page, select the 'create channel' option.

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Step-4 Name Your Channel: In this step, create a unique name for your channel after clicking on the create channel option.

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Step-5 Select Channel Type: You can now pick a voice channel or text channel to host the event. Click on the option of your choice.

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Step-6 Toggle Switch: Now, toggle the grey switch to blue to make your channel private.

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Step-7 Click on Tick Icon: Finally, you have to complete the process by clicking on the tick mark. It will be located on the top right of the screen. Once you find it click on it and your channel will be created.

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What is the Discord App?

The Discord app has been developed by Discord Inc. and released in 2015. The app has over 350 million users worldwide and operates in 30 languages.

The app also allows registered users to chat, and exchange messages, and media on their online platform. Any person above the age of 13 can register for an account on Discord.

Additionally, the app also allows you to create channels as well as servers. These servers act like customized communities with people who join in from different countries.

How To Create An Account On Discord?

The Discord app allows millions of people to create their accounts on the app. You can create an account by downloading the app.

Once you install the app, you have to register for an account using your personal information like email and phone number.

You can create your unique username and even change your username in Discord when you want.

Anyone over the age of 13 can join this app. You can also have multiple accounts from multiple emails and phone numbers.

Can I Customise the Language Settings of the Discord App?

Discord users can customize the language settings of their app. Discord can be operated in 30 different languages at present.

You can change the language of the app from your profile settings. Also, note that you can only select a language that is provided in the language list of Discord.

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