How to Create an Account on Pinterest

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Pinterest has a very simple concept, you can pin your interest here. Pinterest is the new social media platform that is becoming very popular. It is a virtual bulletin board where we can "pin" images & videos of our interest. Things like our hobbies, favorite things, inspirations, etc. It is shown in a visually appealing style that makes browsing our saved stuff enjoyable and easy. We can keep a collection of different items for inspiration. Else, can checkout different styles while struggling for a new creative idea. Let's check out how to create a new account on Pinterest.

How to Sign up and Create a Pinterest Account

Create Account on Pinterest in 10 Easy Steps

Step-1 Open Pinterest: Firstly, open the Pinterest app on your phone.

  • If you don't have a Pinterest application, download it from the Google play store.
  • Simply go to the play store, search the app, and click on 'install' to download Pinterest.
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Step-2 Log in with Your Preferred Account to Create a New Account: After opening the Pinterest app, follow the steps. Well, you can either continue with your Facebook or continue with Google. To create a new Pinterest select any one option that you prefer.

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Step-3 Choose your Interests and tap on 'Next': After selecting your preferred options,

  • Further, you need to select all the topics that interest you.
  • Once you finish selecting your interests, click on 'Next' to get this going.
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Step-4 To create Another Account, Go to Your Profile: Moving Forward, spot the icon with your profile picture on the bottom of the page. To create another new account on Pinterest, click on your profile option

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Step-5 Tap on the Three Dots: After you click on your profile follow the steps

  • On the upper right corner, you can spot three dots tab
  • Click on the 'three-dots' tab to proceed to the next step
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Step-6 Go to Settings: Next, after clicking on the three-dot tab, several options will open up.

  • In the profile menu, find the 'Settings' option right below the profile
  • Select 'Settings' to create a new Pinterest account
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Step-7 Click on 'Add Account': Well, we're almost there, in settings you can take control of various features

  • Scroll down in setting options, and find 'Add Account'
  • Now, to create a new Pinterest account, click on 'Add Account'
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Step-8 Tap on 'Create a New Personal Account': In the Add Account option, choose 'Create a new personal account'.

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Step-9 Make a New Account: The second last step is to select your preferred platform.

  • You can either Continue with Facebook or choose to continue with Google.
  • Select any one option that you prefer the most.
  • For instance, let's select 'Continue with Google'
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Step-10 Select Your Interests: Lastly, select all the topics of your interest and click on 'Next'. After clicking on 'Next', your new account will be created. Thus, you'll be able to see content from your interests in your feed

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Thus, that's it. Now you can create your own 'Boards' and 'pins' for all of your varied interests. You can even give your collection names, according to the things that you've collected.

When you start following your friends or other Pinterest users that share your interests, Pinterest transforms into a social network! You may subscribe to their feeds to see what excellent ideas they've pinned recently and get fresh ideas for your own boards. You can even share your ideas by sending a message on WhatsApp or through Facebook.

What Can I Use Pinterest For?

Pinterest is a visual search engine for finding recipes, home and fashion inspiration, and other ideas. There are billions of Pins to choose from and so many creative ideas. You'll never run out of creative ideas on Pinterest. You can save your favorite Pins to boards to keep your ideas organized and easily accessible.

Do we Have to Pay to use the Pinterest App?

Absolutely not. Pinterest is a free platform wherein you just need to register yourself to use it. Pinterest is accessible through any device. You just have to create an account on the platform. Lastly, here you can find billions of creative ideas on various topics. If you do not have an account, easily create a Gmail account. 

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