How to Contact Lyft Driver

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We in our daily life came across many of the people for various things. To visit from one place to another there are different transport services which we use and the mostly used transport services by users is lyft.

Many times due to hurry we left some of our important items into the car and sometimes when we book the cab and due to some of the technical reason we would like to know that where the cab driver actually is for that we need to contact lyft driver and need to have a word with them.

You can contact lyft driver by following ways –

  1. Contact lyft driver before the pickup – The cab has been booked but due to technical issues one could not able to track the driver location then one could contact lyft driver by following these steps:
  • Open the app.
  • Book the cab.
  • After the cab is booked one will get the details of the cab driver in the end.
  • There is an icon of receiver over there with a message written call on it.
  • One can click on the icon then it will take to the calling mode on the mobile and number will be dialed automatically.
  • Then one could talk to the driver and ask all its queries.
  1. Contact lyft driver within 24 hours of journey – In case the user forgets anything in the cab and need to contact the driver for finding the lost item or any other query.
  • Open the app.
  • On the top at the left side of the app there is the photo, tap on it.
  • There will be the ride history in which one can select where the item is lost.
  • Then there is the button with “find lost item”. Tap on it.
  • There is the tap “call” over there and by tapping on it one can contact lyft driver.
  • If one wants to send the message then there is the tap “send message” through which one can contact lyft driver by sending the message to the driver.
  1. Contact lyft driver after 24 hours of journey – If one could not able to contact lyft driver within 24 hours of journey then one can follow these steps to contact the customer support for contacting the driver –
  • Open the app.
  • There is a tap “contact support”, tap on it and one need to form asking for the information.
  • One needs to fill the first name and last name of self.
  • Contact number where one can be reached.
  • Name of the driver.
  • The date and time when one had taken the ride.
  • The details of the ride like pickup destination and drop location.
  • About the lost item, one needs to fill the details so that it could be identified easily.
  • Permission to the lyft for giving the contact information to the driver.

Fees to Contact Lyft Driver for Finding an Item

As while the users contact lyft driver for finding an item. The time of the driver is wasted and for this the lyft charges the fees. This all is transferred to the driver who will return the lost item to the users.

There are times when one looses important items, then one need to contact lyft driver in order to get the lost item back, even before pursuing the journey one can contact lyft driver with an ease and could resolve their queries.

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