How to Change from Walking to Driving in Google Maps

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If the route is long enough, then you can easily change from walking to driving in Google Maps.

As you already know that there are different modes of transport shown on Google maps for a single route. Walking is also a part of them. You can measure the distance on Google Maps very easily. And, most of them have quite large distances. Let's dive into the article written below and learn how to change from walking to driving in Google Maps in 4 small steps.

How to change to Driving Mode in Google Maps

Change from walking to driving in Google maps in 4 Steps

Step-1 Open Google Maps application: Before doing anything else, you have to take your device and open Google Maps application on it.

If you do not have it in your device already:

  • You can download it from Play Store.
  • Or, you can also open it in your web browser.
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Step-2 Click On The 'Directions': you must be able to see your small icon on the right side of the window at the bottom. It is the directions icon and is represented by a right-pointing arrow. Click on that icon.

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Step-3 Choose Your Final Destination: Now, you have to enter your destination where you want to go.

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Step-4 Click on 'Driving' mode: Now, among the various transport options, click on the car icon. It represents the driving mode.

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What Are The Different Transport Modes Available in Google Maps?

There are various modes of transport available in Google maps for your convenience.

Some of them are walking, car, cycle, bike, metro, train, bus and airplane. If a particular transport is not available for certain destinations, then Google map shows 'Not Available' in the section.

How Can We Choose the Right Mode For Our Journey?

Choosing the right mode of travelling is very important for a safe and timely journey.

The mode of transport for a journey depends on various factors such as the distance of the journey or the time in which you want to cover your journey. Anything it is, but make sure to have a safe and sound journey.

How To Save A Route On Google Maps?

It is no big task to save a route on Google Maps. You just have to follow the right steps in the correct order as mentioned below:

  • Open your web browser.
  • Open 'my maps'. Note that it is different from Google maps.
  • Simply, sign in to 'my maps'.
  • Now, click on the 'create a map' option.
  • Then, click on 'add directions'.
  • Enter your correct 'Location'.

Which Option Is Best For Google Street View?

Walking option is the best suitable for Google Street View.

As the name suggests, Google Street View uses Hi-Tech satellites to show you the routes in streets and even small residential areas. So, as a matter of fact, walking is the best option while using Google Street View if you do not have to cover much larger distances. But, if the distance is large then you can use a two-wheeler like cycle or bike.

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