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Writing is always a very powerful way to share your ideas and opinion to the world. It's like a magic, many writers write their books, magazines, blogs, news articles in a very attractive way.

When readers start reading they feel like wow it's awesome. So are you looking for a career in writing? If yes, then you are going to start your dream journey. career in writing Choosing a career is a huge or the toughest part of your life.  You spend almost 40 years of lifetime in your career. It may not be an easy task to choose the career but you can do so.

What can go wrong is that you might choose a wrong career and if you do so then you to stop there carefully think about the next step. The choice of profession is to be defined early on in your life.

Once a choice is made then you to give your cent percent. Nowadays you have a lot of career choices. It is very easy to switch professions.

So if you are not satisfied with your career selection then you can change it without worrying about anything. One of the career choice I would like to force upon is writing career.

Writing is an art. Sometimes it born gift for the people. But you can also develop writing skills on your own by practicing, be reading and listening.

Career in writing

Is that any right time to start the career in writing? You can start your career in writing as soon as you are in high school. So you can be a good writer once you finish your graduation. But still, the area to think upon is ‘HOW?’. But don’t worry we are here to answer this ‘How?’.

For whom I should start writing first? You can start writing for magazines or websites. By this, you will start to understand what the life a writer entails.

You could practice as much as you want to. It will teach you to meet deadlines, to work with superior, to be humble. You need all of these to make a strike in writing career.

You might get some criticism in your work. But it is ok to make mistakes but not to repeat them. So learn from your mistake and don’t repeat them.

While learning, you will also get paid for your writing.

Can I earn something in starting?

So writing for magazines will make you manage your time and how much you can earn from that. To begin with, you should start reading books, articles and magazines.

Read as much as you can. Try sending your reviews to newspapers or magazines or online blogs. They would not pay you but your name will be published. After some time you can start your blogs to publish your articles.

Should I select any specialized area for writing?

Now you need to choose either specialized or generalized one. In early days of your career, you write or review about anything.

It may be a travel or food or any product related article but then you need to shrink your goal to something specialized.

Like you can start your career in writing about travel or food. It is best to be generalist writer if you want to write full time then you need to target a specific area or efficiency.

Now to broaden your readers, you need to reach put to publishers or editors. Pitch your stories to editors you don’t know.

They might reject you but don't take it personally and keep a positive attitude. Be professional in a casual medium. Email your strong article idea in a well tried and true way.

How to find ideas for writing? 

You need to generate ideas. Every experience has to be taken as building block of your career. Once you have written some articles then you might get incited to events such as presentations, media trips.

Take advantage of these things. There might be expenses of attending all these things but you need to take them as investments in your career. You will not get a lot of ideas from a single event.

But small ideas will create or generate ideas. You will also get to know a lot of people, experienced people. Start making networks. Yes, this is one of the most important your career or say any career.

Networking will help you to meet a lot of people and will help you to know what is happening around. It will also help get new opportunities.

What next?

Now you have experiences and networking so you can move to next level. It is important to get on PR agencies of leading companies in your specialties.  

PR people contact author or writer they see in specialized magazines or newspapers or bloggers. It helps to connect an established freelancer. PR people will send you emails or invites to attend media events.

You may get to sit next to someone important. This will help you to exchange contacts. Remember, there are no internet dating services that introduce writers to editors.

If you don’t stay in a big city then don’t worry. Every smaller city normally has their own media hubs.

Is relationship is important in this writing profession? 

Editors are the people who want to work with the people who respect timelines and deadlines. So focus on developing good relationship with your editors.

To make your relationship stronger, arrange meeting with your editor as soon as your task is completed. The meeting may conduct on a spot by office or in a coffee shop or on lunch.

If senior editor is not available then try arranging meeting with junior editor. In this way, editors will know your dedication towards your work.

So if your know editor ends up joining a new publication then we will want people they know well. The meeting may conduct on a spot by office or in a coffee shop or on lunch.

If senior editor is not available then try arranging meeting with junior editor. In this way, editors will know your dedication towards your work.

So if your know editor ends up joining a new publication then we will want people they know well.

What about money?

Now the money part. One of the most important parts of any career. Every writer feels comfortable when their work is attracting a steady money.

This may be a part-time job of teaching writing or a consulting contract or working on special tasks for magazines. Writing Bios and press releases for PR agencies also chip in some money.

And if you are a specialized writer then you might be paid to speak at a trade event. Now if you are a smart and experienced writer and also have blog sites then this will help you to get a foothold in a new area.

You might also generate some revenue from Blogs through ads. But at the same time blog writing can also take up of your valuable time which you could use in selling articles.

In today’s time, social media is also very helpful in building your network. But you need to take caution when you reveal your idea into online.

At the end, every writer is unique and successful writers are always in learning new tradecrafts to help their hard work.

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