How to Book Uber Cab

Published 2 months ago

Uber is one of the simplest application to use, and it consists almost everything you would be needing while booking a cab for yourself or you’re closed once. Uber car services are nowadays a lot of demand which also provides an option where you can book a private driver through following an application procedure which applies to Android and iPhone. 

Uber streamlines riding process by providing more data forthright before booking to make a ride smooth and the process is also straightforward. Read below to know more how you can book an Uber Cab. book uber Below given are steps through which you can book Uber in very simple’s ways:

How To Book a Uber Cab using app

  1. First, Install Uber Application on your mobile phone (Android App/ IOS App) and signup.
  2. Open your installed Uber application in your mobile phone or you can directly go to the mobile site of Uber.
  3. You will be directed to the Select cab option which includes Ubergo, UberBLACK, UberX, UberSUV or you can also go with the already selected option for your Uber ride.
  4. Now moving forward click on the option “SET PICKUP LOCATION”
  5. Then click on “Request UberX”, the application itself redirect or connect you to the nearest driver to reach in short time to you.
  6. App provides you the Car number plate of your Cab and you have successfully booked Cab for yourself.
  7. You can also track the location of your Uber Cab on its application and when it reaches to you, enjoy your ride.
  8. Do not forget to rate your ride after reaching the destination before going for another ride.



Special Update You Must Give A Look: Earlier booking Uber through its app was the only option but now a day’s uber is trying hard to compete with Indian Cab booking services especially with its Rival which is Ola and with a great success it came up to the solution where you can now directly go the web page of Uber and within 2mins without downloading uber application you can book a ride. Sign Up for Uber through the website is even easier. Step to book through the website

How to Book Uber Cab through Uber Website

1. Visit the Uber webpage and click on the menu. book uber cab

2. Then click on the Sign Up option for a Ride with Uber. book uber cab

3. Moving ahead enter all required details for signup. book uber

4. Type your e-mail address, password and payment details. 

5. Last but not the least read all the terms and conditions carefully and sign up for Uber Hence you will be directed to all the following steps required to book a Cab for yourself. 

6. After signup select your destination address and choose your vehicle. 

7. If you have a promo code, you can also mention that for exciting offers. 

8. In uber, you can even cancel your ride too without any cancelation fee. 

Yes, booking Uber is this easy now. It is not as complicated as looking. Make your ride more comfy and safe by booking a ride with Uber. Don’t to rate after your ride. 

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