How to Book Lyft for Kids

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As per need the requirement changes, so everyone taking care of these needs do or perform the daily tasks. It is necessary to commute from one place to another for performing different task.

Sometimes riders need to carry their kids along with them. It is not safe for the kids to travel as in case of mishappening it could be life threatening.

So some of the transport service providers had given the option of special car seats for kid taking care of their protection as done by mostly used transport provider lyft with the option lyft for kids.

Availability of Lyft for Kids

This facility is not available in every place, so rider need to check that whether the facility is available in their city or not.

If this is available in the city then the rider could opt for this service to take their kids from one place to another.

A small charges applied to it for giving this service as in New York $10 is being charged which is the nominal amount for giving this kind of safety to our most loved ones.

To book the lyft for kid’s rider need to follow these steps –

  1. Open the app
  2. Rider needs to choose the option of car seat ride type.
  3. Select the pickup location. If GPS locator is open in the mobile, then it would automatically take the location and if any discrepancy is there then rider could change the location as desired.
  4. Put the drop location.
  5. Submit the request for ride.
  6. Ride as per the requirement would be found and details provided of the driver with location.
  7. Driver when reaches to the location then rider need to ensure that the car seats are properly installed on the seat considering the safety of the kids.

The kids also need to fulfill the criteria to ensure safety of them as per the seats-

  • Height requisite need to be amid 31 - 52 inches
  • Weight needs to be in between 22 – 48 pounds

Though lyft for kids ensure best of safety for kids. Drivers are being trained for getting the car seats properly installed but rider should check the safety of their kids.

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