How to Adjust volume on Google maps

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In order to avoid any disturbance while driving and using Google map simultaneously, you can adjust volume on Google Maps.

The navigational voice of Google maps can be really irritating and distracting while driving your vehicle. The solution is to adjust volume on Google maps. You can adjust it to make it a little soothing for you. In a similar manner, you can also change the volume of audio tracks in Canva. Let's see how we can adjust volume in Google Maps with the help of the article below.

How To Adjust Volume on Google Maps iPhone

Adjust volume on Google maps in 5 Steps

Step-1 Open Google Maps App: To start with this process, you have to first press the 'Maps' icon in your device to open it up.

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Step-2 Open Your Profile/Account Icon: Then, you have to hit the profile picture icon in the top right corner of the home screen of Google maps. It is a small circular icon with the initial alphabet of your name.

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Step-3 Click open the Settings: From the small list of options on the screen, choose the 'Settings'option.

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Step-4 Click on 'Navigation Settings': There are various Settings in the settings menu. But, you have to go for the 'Navigation settings'.

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Step-5 Set the Volume Accordingly: Now, scroll down in these settings until you find the 'Sohnd and voice' section.

Under this section, you have various options. Set the Volume of Google maps according to your preference.

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Can We Also Mute the Navigation Voice in Google Maps?

Yes, you can easily mute the navigation voice in Google maps on your device.

The purpose of navigation voice is to navigate you on your journey while you are using the app. With its help, you do not have to look on the screen again and again to find the route. But, if you do not want the app to navigate you, then you can obviously mute this voice. We recommend use to not mute it for a safe drive.

What is Guidance Volume in Google Maps Volume Settings?

Guidance volume is the tone of the volume that navigates you or guides you on your journey in Google Maps.

You can easily set the tone and pinch of that guidance volume if you find the initial one irritating. This is a very good feature of the app. It makes the interface of the app even more user-friendly.

What Are The Alerts On Google Maps?

Google maps gives you alerts on your journey if you have added a stop on your journey.

The stop can be for any hotel, restaurant, gas station or any other particular place. At max, you can add 9 stops in a single journey. Google maps reminds you of these stops by giving you alerts when you are reaching nearby to that location.

Is It Possible To Drop a Pin In Google Maps?

Yes, the users of the app have the option of dropping a pin the app.

To drop a pin in Google maps essentially means to pin a particular location in Google Maps that is on the route of your journey. It can be any particular place or location. Google maps will give you an alert when you have reached nearby to that pinned location.

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